I am an Idaho boy from the farm land.  Interested in politics and law.  I love to learn the diversity of operations of all aspects of life.  While I am not as aggressive in pursuing that information as I probably should be, I have found great joy in what I have learned.  Coming from a home which is broken, but yet somehow set the stage for a great foundation.  While the parents were not role models, yet they were in so many ways.  My mother just let a few weaknesses, especially that of bitterness and negativity take over her life.  It in the end ruined all she had.  I have a connection with the land and find I can connect with nature.  The desert somehow is where the greatest bond comes.  I find it in the mountains and other places, but the desert speaks to me.  It lives and I feel it move.  I have such a wide variety of interests I wonder where to start.  My hobbies are far and wide, but mostly are connected with history; of any type.  Somehow I find that I cannot comprehend the present without the past.  I struggle with where to hand facts without the branch to which they belong.  Somehow I can deal with branches barely, but trees and forests are much more manageable.  I have a family I admire, but yet provide the greatest learning opportunities.  I have learned from many other people who are continually blessing my life.  I hope that I may be as great a blessing to them as they are to me.  I have a blessed love in my life right now.  She is the best thing that ever happened to me.  We are engaged to be married on the 20th of December.  We are waiting until then for my return from Washington DC.  I will be in DC for 4 months.  I love her more than everything.  Nothing else matters to me anymore.  Besides the Gospel, she is the center of my universe.  I adore and worship her to the extent I am allowed by the Gospel and personal capability.  She is my greatest blessing.  She reminds me so much of the relationship I had with my sweet grandmother.  The relationship was amazing with her.  However this one is far beyond anything I could have ever experienced with her.  The relationship with Alcyone is deeper, more beautiful, magnified, and more expansive.  Plus with the added attributes that accompany physical contact.  A kiss from her is far exceeding anything I could have or should have felt with my Grandma.  Alcyone is so beautiful.  I am amazed at her beauty every time I see her.  She doesn’t believe me, but even after she has awakened in the morning, I find her still stunningly beautiful.  Besides all the physical attraction, there is a bond which runs deep and spiritual.  We understand and think alike, even when we don’t speak.  In fact, we don’t even have to be near each other.  I awake in the night and know of her.  Anyhow, life is wonderful.  I love it.  I am blessed beyond anything I could ever ask for.  Right now life consists of CAFTA, working hard for new contacts for the business I work for, and living to see my love.  Oh, I am doing online courses as well as trying to get my insurance license.  I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I anticipate it with joy.  I am thrilled for the ways my life has been directed.  I hope that I have handled the situations as fully as I could have and Father will continue to bless me.  Well, I will sign off.  I love life, I love the world, I love the Lord, and I hope to gain the most of life.

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