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I now have a few minutes while I am waiting for some papers to be signed.  Never had a stimulating political conversation huh?  That is really too bad.  For me, there is nothing which does not have a political twist, perspective, or base to it.  For me it is all political.  Politics in its basest form is how people organize themselves.  For example, the way a family organizes to get the dishes done is a form of government and politics had a role to play.  Granted most do not think about it, and usually make unwise political theory or decisions in even those easy forms, it is in our every day life.  The gospel is full of law.  Do this, this is the outcome.  Don’t do this, this is the outcome.  The reasoning behind most of the eternal law is fascinating.  While not highly political, our working within that system is still a form of politics.  The scriptures seems to indicate to us that the law is even older than God.  God lives according to law.  However, there is no beginning and no end to the law, or to God for that matter.  In my mind, the one cannot exist without the other.  However, it makes complete sense that the law made God, just as it will make us Gods.  Now with all this law, government, and politics is another closely related field, that of economics.  Economics is the study of why decisions are made and the incentives that relate.  While in todays speak, it is usually referred to as dealing with money, but economics is much more than that.  The reason why I chose a Italian BMT over the American BLT at Subway can even be looked at through economics.  The incentives, the efficiency, the opportunity cost, and much more in every part of our lives.  Every decision, every thought, when weighed out is all determined and understood by the laws (there is that word again…government…politics…eternity…) of economics.  To me it is even more than all that.  The saying goes, you write a book about the Hopi, you write a book about Hopi Religion.  You write a book about Hopi farming, you write a book about Hopi Religion.  To me it is the same way.  Like D&C 88 says, there is no space in which there is not a kingdom, and there is no kingdom in which there is not law.  I am paraphrasing from memory so you will have to forgive me if I slaughter it.  The kingdom of the gospel entails all, some of which includes law, politics, and economics.  Understand those kingdoms and their laws, and you will begin to understand the rest.  Therefore, in all and everything I see, it is based upon those foundations.  There is nothing which is not one of those.  
It is all fascinating to me to determine and think about the options.  Now, this is all just the economics side, and there is more to it than that.  As with politics, there is the whole I was going to be late.  How fast could I drive, would I get caught, if so, what would I say to the police officer.  Could I change those laws.  Why were those laws put into place.  How will God treat me if I break those laws.  Are the laws necessary.  Economics comes very much into play.  Is it in my interest to keep those laws.  If I break them, are the consequences worth it to me.  What about the damages that could be sustained to my pocketbook, insurance, record, time, even car if there was an accident.  Granted most individuals do not think about these things every time a decision is made.  We learn to make the decisions which are most efficient over time.  Hayek says that is where moral code comes from, the basis of decisions which create the greatest efficiency for society. 
While I may not think about these things all the time, any moment somebody says something that does not seem quite right, I then go into analytical mode.  Yep, I sit down and starty analyzing.  Much of the current law I think has some inherent problems.  However, there will never be perfect law organized by men.  But bright line rules have been established for ages.  A recent phenomenon is the questioning of those bright line rules.  More ominous is the question of the law being applied to individuals rather than society.  It is highly dangerous state to get into and one that will be the capsizing of our system.  Somehow we have become very interested in the law rather than generally, but how it applies to individuals. 
For example, the right to privacy.  Nowhere is that a right protected in the Constitution.  Somehow though, it appears to become a Constitutional Doctrine.  Never was the individual rights in the original Constitution.  One of the first works of Congress of our nation was the laying out of the Bill of Rights.  Some of which were individual rights, but still very general.  The law was for the governing of society, not for individuals.  They were to do that by themselves.  The turn has become one which is dangerous and very slowing to a society.  For example, Mormons which are supposed to be the most friendly people to the Constitution are constantly wanting to change it in relation to a score of things.  Something never intended by the founders.  It just doesn’t make sense.  However, we don’t think of those things.  Somehow it appears we have divorced religion and government and politics.  We are all religion, however, sadly, I fear many don’t even understand why its laws are put into place.  Granted, much of it is still required of faith.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not claim to know all things. 
Anyhow, back off the tangent.  Once a person can start to outline God, his kingdom, his laws, and the principles thereof, all else begins to fall into place.  All truth is circumscribed into one great whole.  Of course it is the gospel. 
We’re taught some examples of politics in school, but not the application nor the principles.  You saw and heard arguments built off of politics, probably not very good themselves, and were turned off of it.  Just like another religion doesn’t hold any sway on you.  You know better.  But like the old rag doll, you hang to it until a new better one comes along.  Then you leave the old one behind.  I don’t know if you have been searching for this specific knowledge, but you have not been enlivened by it.  Otherwise you could not forget it nor leave it alone.
With these things comes the history.  Once the principles are understood then the history of the application of those principles becomes fascinating.  How, when, where and why of those laws all become part of the gig.  Why did it not work, did it appear to work, would it have worked?  How did people live their lives, all that becomes our learning.  The principles are then backed up, supported, and sustained by those past examples, or they are not.  If they are, one must make sure they relate.  Association does not always mean causation.
Somehow in todays society each things they are a light unto themselves.  They would be their own candle and care not for those around us.  However, each of us are a part of the divine and we cannot get anywhere without the help and aid of those around.  We cannot be saved by ourselves.  That is clearly taught.  The other is that a soul cannot be saved in ignorance.  Those two things should give us a clear indication of how we are to live our lives.  Constantly in pursuit of knowledge, light, understanding, and the principles thereof.  The other, is that it must come through one another.  We must be seeking to learn of others, learn of their experiences.  The classic cliche, A smart man learns from his experiences, a wise man learns from other’s experiences.  Trial and error by ourselves all our lives is such a waste of time.  When those around us and who have gone before have probably done the same thing.  I find other people’s lives fascinating to learn from them.  In many instances, you will find out from how I internalize things, is that I literally live a part of their life.  I feel it, I know it, I understand to an extent what they did.  Brigham Young has always been such an amazing man to me.  I feel like I know the man and can understand him.  That understanding has come to form some of who I am and determine how I would act.  I find it much easier from autobiographies and personal stories of a person rather than second hand.  Biographies usually are boring to me, but autobiographies are amazing.  There is something about the outline of a persons life that moves me as well.  The ever linking and connections between each of us as members of the human race.  What a fascinating thing.  Anyhow history is not a bygone era.  It is the now, and just to be determined.  Those people are not gone, the Spirit world is right here.  Why not learn from their example.  Somehow time tends to put things in proper perspective.  So many things of the present are convoluted, but with the comparison of time and history, they become much more clear.
Perhaps this will give you some basis of why I love to learn about other people.  Especially those who so heavily influence the people around them.  Like Senator Smoot, Senator Wheeler, Senator Church, Senator Borah, and Senator Thomas.  President Roosevelt, President Roosevelt, President Wilson, President Harding, President Truman, and President Lincoln.  President Smith, President Young, President Taylor, President Woodruff, President Snow, President Smith, and so forth.  Especially in the lives of today.  Governor Ross, Governor Andrus, Governor Steunenberg, and so forth.

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