Yesterday I entered part of an e-mail I typed to Amanda’s mom.  I wrote it pretty quickly and it is not very well organized.  However, it did throw out quite a few ideas of which I thought were interesting.  It was also good to write them again and have a good review.  However, since, I have to think about some of the principles and make little corrections.  A couple of which are below.  These are the more blatant ones.
No perfect law.  Obviously there is.  In this world though with so many people and differing aspects, perfect law cannot be agreed upon and instituted through democratic government.  Over time common law might achieve something closer, but in the US our statutory law will not.
Another correction, the individual was protected by the Constitution.  Those protections were from the government itself in the original Bill of Rights.  The laws of the judiciary were organized in 1791, but to what extent I am not sure.  I would have to do more homework, so those statements could be false.  I am not familiar with the history of murder law, but if I remember right, those laws were determined by the states and local communities.

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