Just wanted to make a proclamation to the whole world how much I love life!  I am so blessed beyond anything I could have every imagined.  It seems as if the windows of heaven are continually opening and pooring out more and more.  Sometimes it is a wonder why, I definitely don’t feel like I deserve any of these blessings.  Especially that I have done anything at all for them.  However, I am very grateful to heaven and my dearest Father for the regard and love.  In a score of ways uncounted the world comes together in such a way for the benefit of all, but I recognize openly sometimes how much the cosmos seem to be just in line for me.  My heart swells, my soul cries thanks.  I have been recognized since I was young.  Who knows what I am expected to do with these blessings or how exactly they are to be applied.  I know Father will continue to clear the path before me and remove the stumblingblocks to which he is able.  Everything always just falls into place.  Individuals I can bless, and who can bless me are all about me.  Indeed, it seems that the windows of heaven are open, thanks to tithing too.  The Atonement is real, the power of Christ is real, the power of the Holy Ghost is ever present.  It is we who must come in tune with these things.  Life is amazing, what a privilege to come here and receive a body, learn faith, and gain experience!  All thanks to Thee.

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