CAFTA Passed

Well, it looks like things are going to get even more competitive here in Idaho.  CAFTA passed the house last night.  It came down to one vote.  If one person would have changed their vote, then the whole thing would have tied and died.  The sugar industry in Idaho, and the US for that matter have some serious efficiency to work out.  While in the short run, this will probably not influence much, the long run it could have big effects.  Especially as these central american governments become stronger as does their markets.  Production will increase, while costs will remain lower than ours, and then we will be fighting.  This could be the beginning of the end for sugar in Idaho.  We will just have to see.  As I commented before, I am still for the expansion of markets.  It still hurts though, to see the lives of so many friends so affected by the decisions of others.  Congressmen Walden probably had no clue he could have such an influence.  Oregon is hit by this as well and so the push was for Oregon Congress members to not support CAFTA.  Smith and Wyden went for CAFTA as well.  Fascinating how much theory and rubber hitting the road appear to be different.  We all have to make sacrifices.  Today it is the farmer and the sugar industry, all for the benefit of the long term for America.  Will they see the broader vision, or will they see a brighter day.  Prepare for it today and it will be much better than being forced to do it later.  I cannot remember the term, I think it is constructive deconstruction.  May we prepare for the changes that will be coming to the sugar industry.  I don’t want to sound a pessimist.  It is just that there will have to be changes made for the sugar industry to continue to compete in such a field.  There is still hope, but they definitely should not be putting all eggs in one basket.

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