Entering August

The month of August has finally began and the countdown continues to approach the day I leave Boise to head to DC.  I fly out officially on the 23rd.  My last day of work being the Friday before.  It is approaching quickly and I am anticipating yet dreading that day.  It will start another wonderful learning opportunity.  On the other hand, it removes me far from Amanda.  It is also a date that I have to have finished all my online classes from the summer.  I am mostly up to date on the homework and writing, but I could speed things up a bit so I don’t have anything at the last minute.  I will surely miss the Gallatin Group here in Boise.  It has been a learning experience.  I have caught a glimpse into many fascinating areas of life.  I appreciate the level of independence they have allowed me and the responsibility they have given.  While it has not necessarily taught me much more about government or theory, I did get to learn about some of our clients and their situations.  I wish I could have worked on the day to day information on at least one client and learned what they really do here than just their marketing and some of their research.  Oh well.  Perhaps that day will come in the future.
The month is brought in with a wonderful weekend preceding in Utah.  I was able to sneak down and surprise Miss Hemsley on Thursday rather than Friday.  It also gave me the opportunity to recoup some from the trip down before coming back up.  That was greatly appreciated, even though I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked.  We got to spend some good time together.  A highlight was our date to Murray to see “Harry Podder, Dude where’s my Wand?”  It was very good and I enjoyed it.  More so, I enjoyed the company of the most beautiful girl in the whole world.
Another bit of exciting news, I have the privilege of going to Portland on the 12th to see an Ambassador sworn in.  This will be a very fascinating thing.  I will hopefully get to see my sister as well and spend the weekend with her.  If not, I will just come back the morning after.  I think that is exciting.
I have to comment on what such wonderful friends I have in my life.  I was able to visit with a few people over the weekend in person and on the phone.  My life is truly blessed by such wonderful individuals.  Some of them have been there for decades now, and that I think is nothing short of miraculous.  Especially how I am such a bear to put up with at times.  I thank heaven for them and hope I will find many more such friends.  I hope I may be able to add something to their lives for the better as well.
Think I better close out.  Much to do yet today!

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