What a world that we live in.  Isn’t it fascinating?  I remember when I had my first real crush and she lived in Rupert, and I out in distant Hazelton.  Our communication was through the mail.  Then a year or two later, we put in phones throughout the house.  That meant I could talk to her on the phone.  It was wonderful.  However, all hardcopy information had to be done by snail mail.  Even after I could drive, it just seemed so far away that we didn’t even drive over there.  It was only about 20 miles.  I remember riding my bike once all the way from Paul out to her house, stopped, and had the crazy idea to say we were just passing by!  Then the advent of the internet.  It is ten years now, and I can even send a printable hard copy now.  I now communicate with people in a dozen countries and hundreds in the US.  The difference of going from writing to typing has made all the difference.  Going from snail mail, to e-mail has definitely increased efficiency.  It took me hours to write a multiple page letter to Charity, now I can write her the same amount of letter in under 10 minutes.  It doesn’t cost me a thing, and it arrives instantly.  The mission sometimes drove me crazy knowing I had almost two weeks elapse in coming and going letters.  This was especially true with having used e-mail before the mission.  One thing I have noticed though, possibly to our detriment, is that we take it for granted.  With e-mail, and the cell phone which no longer confines us to home or anywhere really, we abuse it.  We become so accustomed to it, that we don’t even really say anything of value sometimes.  I completely appreciate the advances.  However, sometimes I think the scarcity of it before made us use it more wisely and make the most of it.  I literally can call someone with a thought and then leave it, which is very good in my mind.  However, the endless conversations of nothing important, or of visiting while doing other things only seems to undermine what it is we have.  The communication revolution has changed the world, but can we remain individuals and of value?  Something I have been thinking about lately.

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