Sometimes the weight of the ages past seems to press upon me.  I come to the realization that much of what we do today is not new.  We have been here before and will we learn from the past in deciding what decisions will we take today.  This country has been involved in hundreds of wars, yet somehow we think this one is only similar to a few of recent memory.  Sometimes it is frightening how narrow we are in our view of history.  This morning learning about Mansfield, Wheeler, Nye, Lewis, Borah, LaFollette, LaFollette, Roosevelt, and others have brought me to the distinct reality that we are building upon the foundations of the ages.  Continually added chapters and volumes to a work that has been in play for a long time.  Just another scene of an act which has been ongoing.  Somehow though we don’t mind repeating the same scenes of other acts.  We do it in other settings, with different characters, with with an air all our own.  What is even more impressive is that we have the audacity to think we have written our own script and are performing something which the world has never before seen.  The ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire, the British, the Persians, the Medes, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Jews, and lastly the Turks.  Not to mention a whole long list of other empires which are of note that seem to have all entertained incidences similar to ours.  We, the Americans, have the belief we are paving a new road.  Sadly, that pride and arrogance is leading us down paths trod by others, and we could be more the wiser.  Nevertheless, status quo must be maintained.  What is more scary is that technology and science allows our scenes to be played out with a much quicker time.  What took months in Roman days, now can happen in hours or minutes to us, even seconds in some incidences.  Myopia all about us, willful ignorance, tailored and narrow education, and what is even more painful is that some even recognize it.  The flag is waved of happiness and prosperity which is believe will be brought.  While it may be, it will be short and of little lasting value.  True happiness comes from not ignorance, but understanding.  Pleasure comes from fulfillment and contentment, now and in the future.    Peace is entertained and maintained by constant nurture and love, not quick and rash conquer.  The stories of the ages appear just that.  Something to put the children to bed by.  Something to bore the students to conformity with.  Can we hope that someday individual talent and opinion is something to be prized?  Can we envision each fulfilling their personal vision without having to live the life of another?  Perhaps someday we will come to see how pride and riches is oppression of all, the lowest to even those who possess.  Nope, today we see everything as only for our own personal gain.  Little or no thought goes to community, nation, state, or race.  By seeking our own, we belittle our neighbor, in each of the circles mentioned.  What is one to do?  Learn themselves, and live their lives to what the Lord would have them.  According to whatever they believe that is.  Where is unity and order today?  They lie in following the prescribed order of heaven.  What greater gift can we have than the Priesthood upon the earth today?  With a leader and organization.  Surely we pray that no infiltration is in its orders of the slightest dye.  Surely we pray they will speak clearly and on all topics.  That we may have a rule by which to govern our lives and our communities.  Earnestly we pray for their insight and understanding to discern the signs.  What is more, each of us is to be a prophet.  While not to speak to the whole, we pray to understand the signs and placement of our lives in time. Hopefully not independently of the ages about us.  Are we bringing our lives in line with the truth which permeates all things?  Do we read and interpret the history and signs all about us?  Surely, if we are to escape to the celestial kingdom, there is no other way.  We must rise above our current state.  We must rise above our sordid natures and the saccharine, doggerel world in which we live.  The cry has always been, rise up, be holy, and come unto the kingdom.  What are we doing sitting around?  What are we doing working for the other kingdom?  What are we doing working for our own?  What a terrible loss!  The nature of man, subdue it, cultivate a crop of holiness and dedication.  Onward, forward, upward, ever may it be so!~

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