Goodbye Boise, Be Good

Yep, the time has finally come for my disappearance from the scene of Boise.  I have never been one who has been terribly sentimental.  After all, time marches on, and nothing I can do about it.  The old saying, “The only thing that is constant is change itself.”  So I just accept that, move on, and keep trying to enjoy what is happening now.  There are always opportunities now, so take them.  Don’t worry about opportunities missed otherwise you just end up thinking about yesterday and accomplishing nothing today.  Besides, if I am faithful and all those about me are faithful, we shall all meet and associate again.  What is more, the bond we feel will always continue as long as we have the Spirit.
I will be sad to be leaving Boise.  It has really grown on me.  As a kid it was always a dirty city with old run down buildings and where everyone smoked.  The downtown has definitely rejuvenated since those times.  I have enjoyed walking around downtown and getting to know the city.  Plus much of it has been replaced, rebuilt, or has been cleaned up.  Plus I like the intimate closeness of the streets and people.  Salt Lake has always seemed so open and cold in many ways.  I guess Logan is laid out the same way, but is much more intimate, personal.  However, they could use some training as well.
Anyhow, I have said most of my good byes in town.  I visited with Gary and Diane Spackman for a spell last night.  Diane said she had really enjoyed having me.  I enjoyed it as well.  The quietness, the great air conditioning, my own room, wireless, yep it was quite the cushy situation.  It was a bit of a ways away, but it was worth the drive.  I will forever be able to say I lived in Eagle, Idaho.
Tom and Erika Kunzler were always so good to offer me meals at their home.  I was so glad when I finished my online summer course.  I did not have to be constantly reading and doing the papers.  I would always go to Tom and Erika’s because I liked the company, plus they helped with the expectations to do my homework.  At home, I have this bad compulsion to procrastinate.  Settle down and read what I want rather than Managing Human Relationships.  Erika one of the weekends I took her down home with me told me how much I had affected their lives.  I am so glad I am a blessing to some people.  Sometimes I feel like such a burden.  Good thing I like to go traveling and visiting people.  They were so good to me.  Feeding me every evening I was there.  Always making sure their home was open and welcoming to me.  They gave me a going away breakfast yesterday.  It was my favorite, biscuits and gravy!  Yep, I know, I am spoiled rotten!
Marc Johnson and Lyn Darrington took me to lunch the other day.  I enjoy listening to them discuss the topics at which the firm is currently occupied.  It is always so interesting and I love it.  I could do this type of thing the rest of my life.  They asked for my take on being an intern and what I suggested they do in the future.  They also gave me some great insight and encouragement for the rest of my life.  I really like them.  This morning Cecil Andrus (addressing him as Governor Andrus just seems to formal!) wished me well and sent his hellos to a few individuals.  He asked me to make sure I send an announcement and all that jazz.  I have enjoyed his perspective as well.  Marc made me promise if I ever make it to Boise with Amanda, I am to pay them a visit.  All three of them said they would be more than willing to provide references for me in the future.  That I really appreciate.  Will in DC asked me to come visit.  I look forward with more association with the firm.
I was chatting with Paula today in the office.  She told me all the bones that she had with my being an intern here.  I am glad we were able to resolve these issues.  Too bad it was on the last day I was here.  I did not know there was a bit of a struggle over this internship before I got here and some bitter feelings still existing.  Plus in some ways I guess I made Paula look bad.  It all seems better though.  I hope so.  She wished me well.
Anyhow, I am headed out of town.  I am headed home to unpack, pack for DC, and Tuesday I fly out.  So long to the west for 4 months.  Good bye my blessed Amanda.  Good bye my beloved Idaho.  Good bye my coveted desert.  Good bye my cherished mountains.  Good bye Boise, Be Good!  Hello Washington D.C.  Hello humidity.  Hello life in the political center of the world.

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