Jaunty Iconoclasm

Sometimes I find myself in such a hard position.  Should I say something or should I not.  To do so always can be turned against me as being judgmental.  While not saying something may cause me to fall into the situation of caring not for my brother.  Which would I care to be known as more?
Judgment.  What an interesting idea?  What a fascinating attribute.  Whatever does it mean?  I remember the distinct idea from the D&C that it is from this attribute that the capability to bless is given.  Without it, you cannot bless.  While I cannot now find this reference, and my memory does not serve me to find it, I will have to move on without.  There is such a cry in the world today that we should not judge.  That that is an attribute left only to God.  What a horrible thought.  If I were never to judge, what would I ever get done?  Nothing.  What if I were never to see that a friend is hungry, in need of help, and not decide to do something.  In fact, I would not even recognize them as hungry.  Now condemnation, that is something I believe we are expressly forbidden to do.  Of us it is required to forgive all men.  We are to ever go on searching to serve.  Is that not the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood?
Oath and Covenant.  What a serious covenant.  The Priesthood is more than just the authority to act in the name of God.  That is simply not enough.  Just to have the priesthood is not enough.  If we think that is all we are to do, we are seriously mistaken.  We will find ourselves coming very short at the last day.  It is the oath and covenant to bring the atonement into efficacy into the lives of all those within our sphere of calling.  Somehow we let para-scripture have more importance than the truth.  In order to bring the atonement into the lives of others, we must judge them.  We have to search out ways in which we may bless the lives of others.  We must be diligent in our efforts to act and do as God would have us to do.  That means reaching out the destitute and poor, the widow and the weak, and lifting up the hands that hang low.
Until we have proven worthy.  Most Saints understand that it is an endurance to the end.  A trek where we must work and fight and pray and hope and continue on in all faithfulness.  Only then if we are found worthy shall we be called up and sealed in the celestial kingdom of our God.  Until then, we are to have absolute faith and work diligently.  Believing is not enough.  That will not save you.  You must have faith.  But working is not enough.  That will not save you.  You must have faith, and that faith must drive you to work.  Without the faith, you will work in the the wrong direction and find you have worked for the wrong master.  If not working for God and his Son, and his Kingdom, you are working for the opposing.  Sorry, even if it is your own kingdom, it is not the right kingdom and you will not find yourself saved at the last days.  Those who say believing is enough wrest the scriptures.  We must be acting on that faith, and becoming like God.  While that will not save us, it will help to sanctify.  The faith will justify, but the works are used to sanctify.  Harold B. Lee made the comment, “to sanctify means to keep the commandments.”  Onward ever onward, learning to keep more of the commandments.
Until then, nothing is granted.  Even the temple ordinances are pronounced according to our faith.  I have friends who say that their sealing secures that they will be each others forever.  Sorry mate, but that simply is not true.  While yes, that ordinance entered into and observed will grant you the only way to remain together forever, it of itself is not enough.  That is like saying that just because I have been given the keys to the car, I am the car.  No, you must exercise those keys, work them, use them, become familiar with and drive the car.  How are we to become God’s if we are not to practice and arrive at the destination?
How in the world can the sealing of two individuals promise they are to find themselves sealed up in the celestial kingdom.  It is directly contrary to scripture.  They must prove themselves worthy of each other.  How do we come upon such preposterous ideas?  It is clear.  We allow ourselves to believe certain things which literally damn us.  They keep us from working and trying to obtain the higher ground.  We must work ever upward.  Ever gaining more light and knowledge.  Just as those of ancient.  Joseph Smith made it clear that he was not content with the run of the mill daily things.  He commented that he was always digging up new things for his hearers.  How can we claim we know enough when even Joseph went on to learn Greek and Hebrew.  I have not mastered those and know of nobody else who has.  Somehow the every day idea is that we have done enough.  I remember being warned of a mission president that when we ever say we have done enough, or all is well, then we are damned.  Our progression has stopped.  Repentance has ceased.  We must march onward.  As Oliver Cowdery said in his general charge to the twelve, we have not reached our goal until God himself puts his hands on our head and promises us the blessings.
Why do we allow ourselves these ideas to enter?  These jaunty iconoclastic ideas from the dark side.   It is simple.  We are not following the Spirit and allow our pride in the way.  We tell ourselves we have reached our goal, when we have not.  We will find ourselves other than where we thought we were.  Funny.  When we don’t know where we are, we are sure we are saved.  Yet, until we know, we are not.  It is the weakness of the hearts of men.  Please, look up, rise up, and come up.  That is the only way.  Never are we finished in this life.  Just as Christ himself, never spoke of himself as having a sure place, as perfect, until after he was resurrected.  We are the same.  Until we have done our all, and walked the road, then after we have died will we know our station and the exact place we will be awarded.  I believe we may know and have our station secured while in this life, but those who do never speak of it.
Let us be careful of the wrong and damning ideas floating in the world about us.  Look to God and live.  Look to the world and die.  Come out of her is the call.  Shall we heed more faithfully than we are now?

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