Things were really kind of crazy in the office today. The phones were so hot they I was put on them for a while. Preparation for the Roberts nominations I guess. But constituents were calling in madder than mad that we were not doing anything about Louisiana. They were literally yelling at us on the phones. It is a really hard position to be in. I mean, they did warn the people that they all needed to evacuate and this would be a very bad storm. They were aware they would be caught in the thick of it. They were warned that if things were as bad as predicted, it would not be easy to get in and help. However, people, disobedient and obstinate stayed. Now they are paying the consequences. However, now the question is, should we be stuck dropping everything for those who deliberately disobeyed? I don’t know. I do believe we should be charitable, but where do you draw the line. We could be working on restoring and fixing problems now if people would have listened. There were buses and ways made available, even for the poor.  They decided not to go. What if all these helicopters were dropping loads in damaged levees now rather than rescuing? Anyhow, what bothers me more is that people expect that it is the governments job to fix the situation.  They cannot of their own accord call the Red Cross and offer money or help.  They call their legislator to do it for them. Rather than saying, what can I do to help, it is why aren’t you helping? Even more sad were the phone calls coming in about why we are not fixing the fuel price problem. Isn’t it obvious why prices are rising at the moment? What are we going to do about the situation? I suppose we could set a price ceiling, but that would only cause horrible shortages. Then this all leads to the inevitable questions. Why do people continue to invest so much money and time into a city below sea level, where the inevitable will happen. That is like building your house on the sand, or the beach. At some point, nature will do a freak thing and damages will occur. If government had not been involved in the subsidizing of the pumping of New Orleans, business and others would have found it too expensive and moved elsewhere. This problem may have been alleviated altogether.
Oh well, now we should be saving those who are in need and dire situations. I don’t think they should return. Especially the poor. Ask people to take them in and incorporate them into society where they are at. Sadly, this will have destroyed the poor population. They will have the problem that Florida is having with having the lower paying jobs filled. May we find a quick and peaceful end to the situation. So much for having any rainy day funds sitting around. After all, we haven’t learned to live within our means. Another point of disobedience which could cost us dearly later on as well.  Watching the people suffer and struggle. Hopefully we see the importance and emphasis on keeping and maintaining food storage. If we have two years worth on hand, we could feed 4 families the same size as ours for 6 months.  That would be enough time to overcome most of the situation with Katrina.  Nevertheless, we don’t save up, we don’t prepare.

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