The Highest Court in the Land

Another opportunity fell in my lap today.  I was able to attend about 4 hours of the hearings for the nomination of Judge Roberts.  It was fascinating to attend.  Some of the Senators I thought made themselves look like real idiots.  They obviously were not listening to Judge Roberts answers.  He really shined as he took very little from the Senators and responded very directly.  It was an impressive sight.  What is more, I found a man I very much like.  We think alike in so many ways.  Some of it was pretty hilarous to watch and partake of.
This morning was also another fortunate turn of events.  I took one of the elevators to the basement after taking a bill to the floor.  For the record I did not take the Senator Only elevator.  However, I was the first in and found myself descending with John McCain, John Kerry, Edward Kennedy, and Joseph Dodd.  Felt kinda important for a moment, then realized who I was amongst these men who change the lives of every citizen of the United States.  Not only did I ride the elevator with Senators, but there were some of the notable ones as well.  Senator Kerry was taller than I imagined, but it was him.  Senator Kennedy looked much older and tired than I am familiar with in my mind.  Senator McCain seemed smaller than I anticipated.  Lastly, Senator Dodd I knew who he was, what he looked like, but no other thoughts.  Strange where we end up sometimes.  Oh, if only I could pick their brains for a moment.  Too bad the elevator didn’t die and I could not ask questions, or at least listen for an hour.
Lastly, I sat at the front desk answering phones for the good man who was away.  Genny stepped aside for the moment and a man walked up to me I recognized.  He asked about meeting with Senator Smith and I took him where he needed to go.  There is a certain surreal feeling when a man is walking directly at you from across the room, and you know they are wanting to talk to you.  It was great to finally meet Senator Craig in person, a man who is representative of me, in the flesh he is there partially because of my vote.  Strange though to think that man is partially impowered because of me.  I took him to Senator Smith’s office and when back to work.  Senator Craig was heavier than his photos, but I knew him.  I met one of my Senators.

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