Brigham Young

Just something I thought you may find interesting.  These are some
excerpts of letters from Brigham Young I thought you may enjoy.  I am not
giving any segway to tell what comes before or after, but I think they stand on
their own.
Letter to Joseph A
Young in Manchester, England
3 Feb
"I look upon this mission as a sort of probation—a kind of middle period
between boyhood and manhood—a time which as you improve or neglect, will make
or mar your future career.
    Therefore, my son, give heed to the instructions of those who are placed
over you to counsel and direct you in the thorny and dangerous paths you now
tread, and in no instance let me hear of your having neglected or disobeyed
their injunctions.
    While you are absent from the Valley, I wish you to lose no opportunity
of making yourself familiar with all that is useful and likely to benefit you,
for to be able to combat with the world we must make ourselves acquainted with
the ways of the world.  This can only be one by keeping your mind
constantly on the alert and when in society never allow anything to escape your
notice.  Listen attentively, and observe minutely the manners, customs, and
remarks of all, for form the most humble of our fellow creatures an observing
man can learn something that will be useful to him in after life.  Such has
been my course and, from daily and hourly experience of its benefits, I
recommend you to pursue the same.
    There are many things you can inform you mind upon, the laws of England,
her form of government; lose no opportunity in your travels of visiting her
manufactories, her works of art, her grand and spacious buildings, and all that
is worthy of note, not from a mere idle curiosity, but to store your mind with
that which will benefit yourself and your brethren in after
    When in society (for you will be called to mingle in it a great deal) use
every endeavor to improve your address, and always exert yourself to be
agreeable, and no matter whether poor or rich, treat them with equal
courtesy.  Do not be pompous to the needy, nor condescending to the
wealthy, but show by your manner that you do not respect a man because of his
money.  By this you will gain the love and admiration of those worthy of
your esteem, and at comparatively little expense, for it costs but litter labor
and attention to be polite and civil to those around you."
Letter to Brigham
Young Jr at 42 Islington, Liverpool, England
30 Aug
"So far as you may have opportunity I wish you to improve yourself to the utmost
in studying good books and in associating with, and listening to, and profiting
by, the conversation and experience of good persons, that when you speak to the
people, they may be persuaded that they are not only listening to one having
authority, but also to one appreciating and preaching the good, sound, saving
doctrines and precepts he teaches.  Cease not to lift up your voice in all
faithfulness, teaching the people the way of life and salvation, which you
    As I advised you on the 6th inst., I wish you to carefully observe how
poor folks get along, which you will have excellent opportunities for doing, and
to be prudent and economical in all your expenditures as much so as consistent
and reasonable with your calling and duties, realizing that means unwisely or
luxuriously expended had far better be husbanded for gathering the poor. 
Whenever necessity and your judgment dictate, you are at liberty to apply to Br.
George Q. Cannon for such funds or other assistance as you may need, who is
authorized to supply your prudent wants.
    Ever strive to be humble, faithful and obedient, calling upon the Lord in
faith and sincerity, and he will fill you with wisdom and understanding, give
you power to influence the honest in heart, guide, bless and protect you, and
crown your faithful labors with a success that it has not entered into your
heart to conceive possible in your youth and inexperience.  Though going
forth at an early age to proclaim salvation to mankind, yet you start under many
very favorable circumstances, and I doubt not you will seek to and rely upon our
God, striving with your might to aid in building up his kingdom and
strengthening the same upon the earth, with an eye single to His glory, that he
will enable you to overcome, and win many souls to His

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