More Brigham Young

Letter to Brigham Young Sr from Brigham Young Jr
8 Dec
    "I have enjoyed myself well while on this mission and altho it has been
short I think it will make me look into my own heart, and in a small measure
realize the blessings with which I am surrounded.  Altho I do try to do my
duty and live as I know you would have me, in placing my whole mind upon the
work in which I am engaged, yet I will occasionally wander away to the valley,
and I can see you in my minds eye, and I can’t help but exclaim in the depths of
my heart, that the day I see you again and grasp your hand and those of the
brethren will be the happiest of my life, and I look forward to it as the day of
the beginning of my existence.  I never could appreciate those blessings
before and I am afraid I do not sufficiently at the present time, but I know I
thank God from my very soul that he has given me such a father and altho I may
err in many things, yet my desire will ever be that I may be a source of
rejoicing to you and never for a moment give you pain or grieve the spirit of
God within me.  I know I have your prayers for my welfare with the rest of
my brethren who are in missions, and I feel to thank you for the good advice and
very kind letters you sent me, for those few words from you do me a world of
good, and as I have stated before in my letters that as often as you write me so
often will you confer a blessing upon me, that I am hardly worthy to
receive.  If I gave the Lord sufficient thanks for all his blessings poured
out upon me through you, it would take an eternity and as little as I feel like
I could do will be to spend the life he has given me in his praise and to
glorify his name upon the earth."
Letter to Daniel H
Wells and Brigham Young Jr
8 Dec
    "…It is to be regretted that at this late day, after the Latter-day
Saints have had so much instruction upon the plan of salvation, men should fail
to perceive that there is nothing that the adversary can offer as a temptation
to seduce them from the path of righteousness and truth which they cannot obtain
by treading in that path undeviatingly.  There is no good thing which is
not comprehended in the gospel of Jesus.  Every gift and blessing that can
enhance the happiness of man, or add in the least to his enjoyment and to the
development of his God-like nature, is promised unto man through his obedience
to the truth, and he can receive all these things as fast as he prepared himself
for them.  Strange to say, however, not only are the people in the world
blind to this great fact, but men and women, who call themselves Latter-day
Saints, and who have been taught to principles of salvation, fail to recognize
it, and desert the substantial pleasures which they would enjoy eternally, and
go in pursuit of their shadows."
Letter to Brigham
Young Jr
8 Feb
    "The time for the election of our city officers is next Monday. 
Active steps have been taken of late to have all our people naturalized, so that
they may be fully qualified as voters.  This subject has not received that
attention of the past that it will doubtless in the future.  While we have
a subtle and designing foe to contend with we must take every precaution to
maintain our position and influence here and the government which the Lord, thus
far, has given unto us.  Were the Saints to be negligent in availing
themselves of their privileges as American citizens, and not go to the polls and
vote, our enemies would be delighted, as such neglect would give them such an
opportunity as they desire.  There is some talk about their nominating a
ticket to run in opposition, but they will accomplish nothing, and it is a
glorious consolation to know that they never can obtain any success over the
church and kingdom of God unless the Saints should be careless and off their

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