Life goes on…

It seems sometimes there isn’t really anything to be told. The days of our lives sometimes seem as mundane as the turning of a door on its hinges. One moment it is day, another it is night, day in and day out, going back and forth. I thank heaven it is not usually like this, but sometimes it is.

Things have been interesting. Department of Defense appropriations seems like the endless debate about things which don’t matter. It is like saying do you prefer coffee or tobacco, when in reality neither are good or desired. Nevertheless it seems we debate about these things while the important things miss our attention. Our minds have been decoyed to lesser and more mundane.

We had General Conference this last weekend. What a powerful time. It was especially a great time for me to catch a cold. I could stay home and veg in front of the television and feel okay about it. The recovery did take the whole weekend so I was glad I did not have to face church as well. I am glad to have my yearly cold overwith and hopefully it will stay that way. I did allow myself to get a bit run down so it is my own fault.

President Hinckley’s opening remarks were very good. I really enjoyed his enthusiasm and power. President Faust gave a very animated and enlightening talk on light. I kinda laughed to myself when I could see his youthful vigor. Elder Wirthlin’s talk about trials, tribulation, and adversity I felt was much needed and very timely. I did not attend Priesthood so I look forward to reading it. Sunday was a good day of talks. I really
appreciated Elder Hales’ talk about the Restoration. President Packer’s talk was especially good about continuing revelation. I liked Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about the basics. Overall it was a very rewarding conference and I will have to be sure to return to my notes.

A new highlight in my life is that one of the other interns has moved to Northern Virginia. Of all fortune, which often seems to always be in my path, he turns onto the main road the same point I caught the Metro. I now have a ride to church which means I can save $10 a day in parking and riding the metro. That definitely works out for one trying to save money from an internship that pays next to nothing in Washington. I must be grateful though, for most internships don’t pay at all.

What adds to the trip and privilege of riding to work, it is that he is full of questions. So far at work I have had the privilege of giving three copies of the Book of Mormon to my colleagues, with one other shortly to come. The one that asks the most is my riding partner and we have done nothing but discuss religion, scripture, and the restoration since our rides together. Forty five minutes is plenty of time to get a good discussion in and we get the chance twice a day. I am loving it. Missionary work is something I have loved. What I would not give to go again. D.C. is helping to fulfill and keep that starvation at bay for the moment. Going to lunch with three for an hour and being quizzed about the spirit world is something sublime and a dream come true. What an opportunity. I hope and pray that all of these might come to some type of fruition at some point in their lives.


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