Wedding Day Photos

With the constant barrage of e-mails of people wanting pictures, I have finally some for the offering.  Many of these albums which have been loaded (five of them) came from Bryan’s camera (Amanda’s father).  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I have tried to remove too many of the same thing, but some of them were just different enough to make things interesting.  They were in order of time, but after naming them they have taken on alphabetical order and I have not the energy to go back and fix it.  So you will have to make due with the order.  Besides the difference and variety might keep you more interested through all 117 pictures.  As soon as I have other pictures, or some of the professional ones available, I will post them as well.  I hope you enjoy them.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon to California.  We have had a wonderfully beautiful condo for our stay.  I very much appreciate James and Catherine Cazier for all their Sunday meals, but now for this condo as well.  They were so gracious to offer it.
We have enjoyed movies, time to relax, Christmas, and little excursions all over.  Yesterday we went to Calico, the old Ghost town north of Barstow.  It was definitely a tourist trap, but I very much enjoyed the visit.  Amanda and I even took one of those old west photos which I will have to be sure to get up on the site as well.  We have grown closer and closer.  Something I would not have thought possible.  We commented often after the marriage that nothing had really changed.  However, with the benefits of marriage, we have found our love and relationship at a newer, deeper level.  Something we could not have imagined only a week ago.  Only heaven knows where it could be in another month, year, or lifetime.  Hopefully it only progresses.  Like the old hymn, there is no end…
We have both admitted our appreciation for all the love, gifts, e-mails, letters, cards, and more in our behalf.  We intend to do our best to reply to each and send out thank you notes for every gift offered.  I am sure now because we are imperfect, we will miss somebody.  Nevertheless, we are very grateful and appreciative.  Thank you.
Well, I will close.  It is getting late.  Enjoy the pictures.  Feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think.

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