Just got an e-mail from Brad Hales in Ghana.  He seems to be doing well, glad to be alive, especially since he just finished a bout of Malaria.  What a gruesome sickness.  I hope he continues to improve and do well.
Stopped to visit a long lost cousin on Wednesday.  Lori Kaye is her name.  She was not raised knowing of the family, and for family history at least, I paid her a visit.  We have been corresponding for a little over a year through e-mail.  Well, it has been her husband who has been doing the corresponding.  I stopped by their home a few months back but she was ill and I only met Larry.  He was a nice man and they have a nice home.  I left them a book on the Andra family for their perusal, and I needed to pick it up again.  So I e-mailed, and they agreed to meet.  They invited me over, and we ended up visiting about family for a couple of hours.  It was really good.  They are very cautious as none of their extended family know the circumstances.  Plus to save turmoil, feelings, and any other problems that could be raised, there is not going to be any interaction any time to come.  Perhaps someday when the applicable parties are gone, I will explain the details of the story for family history purposes.  But for now, it will remain vouchsafed with those who are participants and knowledgeable of events.  The ‘skeleton’ in the closet will have to be told for later generations.  I am happy to report I do know the names of the two children.  It was great to visit with a long lost cousin, one who is content with her current family makeup and not willing to rock the boat. Hopefully someday all parties involved can overcome their concerns and some reconciliation will occur.
The next night, Amanda and I, upon invitation of her parents went to the Desert Star for a play, Pirates 2.  Quite honestly it was not worth the time.  I enjoyed visiting and seeing the family, the meal (which Bryan graciously paid for), and some time to visit with Amanda.  However, I think I much rather would have just met at an exit off the freeway.  Some of the singing was even painful it was that bad.  Such is life.  The Potter Spoof was far better.
Anyhow, things are going well.  We are headed to Idaho this weekend for Father’s Day. Could be a few years before we make it back.  Who knows what will be in Idaho or happening next time we venture back.  We will remember to turn the light out when we leave.

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