First week training

Just thought I would put a little bit out there. There is not too much to report at the moment. Last week, I worked alone collecting renewals for insurance the whole week. My field manager gave me several stacks of cards to do. He was shocked when I reported I had them all done but 2. He said that was two weeks worth of work. I had completed them in four days.So I officially started training this week. Thus far we have only done the same thing. I have spent all day with Mr. Ted Kelley doing renewals. I have learned a few little things here and there. Overall though, it is everything I am familiar with and did last week. I am frustrated in that sense. Tomorrow though, they are letting me go off by myself again. I am headed to Montpelier, Virginia. Hopefully I can get the renewals done and hopefully add some new business. It would be nice, especially since I have to make some money to make up for the rest of the week sharing everything with my trainer.

There have been quite the variety of characters we come upon. Today it was a guy who raised raccoons to an author. Just this week I have driven across 3 old Civil War battlefields. Wish I knew more of the history to understand their significance.

I will keep enduring training. The company seems to be having some problems with leadership in our area. It reminds me much of the mission. Where some missionaries were trying to micro-manage. I will do to these managers what we did in the mission. Ignore them. What are they going to do? Fire me? They can’t until I am at 13 weeks, because then my ‘training’ is completed. But if I have proved myself to be of some value to the company then they are not going to fire me when I am bringing in several thousand dollars to the company in a week. Face it, they need their employees. I am not going to sit on a conference call during quality work time. I will most certainly not do it every morning for several hours like this district manager is having entire regions do. It is such bad management it is laughable.

Well, time to get ready for bed. I need to do some more research for my talk on Sunday (Amanda and I are both speaking this coming Sunday). I need to get some more LSAT study in, write in my journal, and go to bed at a decent hour.



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