LSAT is past

I thought I would give an update. The LSAT is now passed. RIP That is most surely what I shall do!I went into the test with no worries or anxiety. Well, that is only partially true. I did not know where the place was I was taking the test at the University of Richmond, so I was afraid I would not be able to find it.  Alas, I did find it and showed up just as they were seating everyone. So I did not lose my $$ and it kept me from thinking about the crazy thing I was about to do.

The test went smoothly. I don’t have any concerns. I did have about 4 questions on each section that I did not have time to answer (except one, I
had like a minute left) so I filled them in with the guess that kept the pattern going from the rest of the section. As it goes with the LSAT, I don’t know if I did good, I don’t know if I did badly. All I know is I passed through it without getting the block, anxiety, or even cold sweats that accompany most events like this.

I went home, took a nap, and then went to enjoy a Priesthood Session of General Conference. Life went on as if it had never happened. Hopefully it can go on that way…


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