My first big quit

Well, I am home from an unpleasant experience at Combined Insurance.  In the pain of adding more costs to maintenance to my aging car, due to the long hours of work, the ongoing disorganization at work, the lack of training, and lastly the less than satisfactory income; I have announced at work that Friday, tomorrow, would be my last day.  I received the anger of the field manager, Marc Summers.  I suppose it was to be expected.
I admit that part of my reason for quitting was the paradise lost feeling.  I am not a natural salesman.  He said it is because I am weak and have a lack of character.  Perhaps that is true.  Something I should very much consider, that I lack courage and moral strength.  I chalk it to a fear of sales, perhaps of offending someone else.  I already knew that.  I think I announced it in my blogs when I originally started with the company.  Looking back, it most likely is a weakness of character.  However, it was something taught into me as a child.  That you do not interrupt, you do not give offense, and that you never exert pressure which is improper.  Sales was always one of those areas which was improper.  Especially for something that was not necessary for a person.
So now what do I do?  Who knows?  All I know is that I was going farther and farther in debt despite the job already.  Maintenance and driving costs for the car would only compound the problem.  My fears and inadequacies were costing me income that I am not convinced I should gain in this way.  Next, I can put some blame on them.  I knew when I got in, I would need some help and training to overcome this ‘weak’ tendency.  I was impressed with the training program, so I signed up.
Well, I have had 3 days with Marc, two days with Ted.  Marc did a bunch of work and I had no clue what was going on with much of it, and with Ted we did not do anything other than collect premium.  So I did think they were not very worthwhile.  Especially if I needed to overcome a fear of sales.  Well, now I am entrenched in a way that I recognized I could not, or was not willing, to change.  Therefore I would have to go elsewhere for employment.
To top it all off, I am a naturally positive person.  But the business of sales bothered me.  It was hard to stay on top with these struggles.  Then I would go into the office and I would be told that I was being so negative.  I think it was more my analytical style.  Marc seems to be the one with the negativism, but it would very well have been just my presence.  So with that riding on me lately, it has been time to make a change.
I announced I would be working less hours in a day.  A noble cause I thought.  It was only met with a certain ridicule.  When I asked for help, I was called ungrateful.  Then today as I left the office, I was told that I would need to reimburse them for $500 for wasting their time and the training they provided.  Suppose I will just let Marc have my week’s pay.  Then we should be good.
So now I start the job search and watch our meager savings be whittled more and more away.  I do have an interview today at 1:00 PM.  The pay is good, but it is a call center.  But it will most surely hold me over until I can find something else.  Who knows, I may even enjoy it after driving all around the country for months.  It will sure be nice to not have to worry about the miles and fuel costs.

One thought on “My first big quit

  1. Keep your chin up chuck.  Life is full of trials like these.  It is not that you are weak or are lacking in character. it is just you have very high morals and fortunately/unfortunately that rules you out of the "Sales" industry.  Never lower your standards for anyone. I always ask myself the following question and if the answer is yes then I know to go ahead. "Do you think Christ would do it"?  This was a piece of advice given to Hilton and I many years ago by our then councilor on the Stake Presidency, Christopher Golding Jnr.  He is now the Area President for South Africa.  Not a bad piece of advice as I have used this on so many occations, when things have felt a bit iffy.
    Love & Hugs Rhona and Hilton


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