Week in review

I feel like I am typing up a weekly news report, or something of that nature.  Well, perhaps, I am in some way.
Harry:  This week found Richmond, Virginia in mild to wonderful temperatures.  The temperatures took a dip towards the end of the week finding the 40’s during the day and just below freezing at night.  That is quite a change from earlier this week and last week when we were in the 70’s.
Joan:  What does it look like this week?
Harry:  Well, the temperatures should climb back up to the 60’s and remain fairly comfortable for the week.  It just seems Jack Frost is not interested in Richmond this year.
Joan:  Hopefully it stays that way.  Thanks Harry.
Peter:  In other news, Paul Ross found out this week that his employer is creating a position for him.  The management team on the site met and have discussed the issue.  On Monday Paul will have to report his skills and other interesting qualities which may be of value to the team.  We met with Paul today to discuss the issue.  “I am really excited about this opportunity.  This means I will have an opportunity to continue working for the company I have come to enjoy so much.  On the plus side, it looks like I will have a more stable work history for application to law school.”
Joan:  We have a heartwarming story this evening.  It is the story of a friend being concerned for another.  Yes, a school friend of Amanda offered her and her husband a Christmas tree as a gift for the holidays.  Mrs. Ross had decided they would do without a Christmas tree due to expense and the anguish of carrying a tree around for years to come.  She had taken to decorating the garland in her home as a warming substitute.  Her friend, feeling the hole in the family, and after condemning her to hell, offered a gift of friendship.  Amanda’s excitement was notable.  “How exciting!  Yippeee!  Let’s put it up now…”  Her husband’s excitement was of a different tone, “Boy, don’t I look like a penny pincher?  We have friends giving us Christmas trees because I did not budget one in.”  The Christmas tree was decorated within minutes.  The lights came with the tree and for less than $10 dollars, the tree was completely decked for Christmas.
Peter:  Here are two stories with some gloom to them.  Earlier this week, Mr. P. N. J. Ross found a piece of a filling in his mouth.  This is the second time in a month a filling has fell out.  He was beside himself.  “I am getting so old, look, I am falling apart!”  Mr. P. N. J. Ross will be meeting with a local specialist on Monday this upcoming week to assess the situation with an expert and hopefully correct the situation.
Joan:  Also on 12.11.06 it appears that Mr. M. P. R. will be visiting the Dr. in S. L. C. to have a problem with his g-bladder taken care of.  Or more appropriately, have it taken out.  There was some concern on the part of experts due to some problems with an enlarged pancreas, but things are looking better.  In asking Mr. Milo about the situation, “It is my own fault.  The Dr. started poking me and I threw up my hands and yelled, ‘you want a part of me’ and it looks like he really did.  Guess I will give in.”  There has been a day of prayer called in behalf of Mr. Ross for the removal of his gallbladder.
Harry:  This week in sports shows the P-dawg in a match up with a 60 year old orthodontic teacher, Dr. Abbott.  Out of the 9 games played, P-dawg only came out on top once.  This season is not looking good for the former Utah State Squash champion.  Since recovering from his knee surgery in 2005 he has not been as active in the squash court.  Which was made more obvious in this weeks matches.  Asked about his humiliating loss to a man who could be his grandfather, “I am doing better.  The first week after playing, I could not even walk up six flights of stairs for a whole week my legs were so sore.  This week it was only for two days.”  Having won one game, hopefully we can see P-dawg come back out on top for a whole set.
Peter:  Well, that is the news for this week.  Tune back in next time to hear of the happenings here in Rossville.

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