Happy Birthday Sunday School

I took some time to read the church news tonight. They talked about the 100 years of adult Sunday School. I thought it was interesting. Not for the fact that adult Sunday School is 100 years old, but the interesting side notes of the article.It talked about three centarians who are in the Monument Park 2nd Ward. It even showed their pictures as they sat talking before Sunday School, and another of them paying attention during class. Bessie Hanson, Ann Maughan, and Richard Bird were there names. Their entire lives, they have attended Sunday School. Brother Bird is still practicing law, even though he is 99 years old. That is simply amazing to me. None of the three look like they are a century old. The pictures hit me more than anything. A testament of really how short of a span the church has been around. There are still people living who are more than half the age of the church. President Faust’s grandparents came across the plains. What does that say?

Time really is not as big and expansive as we think it is. Nor is it as harsh and cruel as to be feared. It is as natural as breathing. There is
no tragedy in the march of time. To me it is almost hauntingly beautiful.

Reading and learning of my own ancestors at the end of the 1700’s brings the realization that people really do not change. Time only silences those who have gone before so that we walk the path a little more on our own. It gives us a better chance to prove what we are made of. There is no doubt that we will meet those quieted again.

Today provided an opportunity for reflection. I feel as close as I ever have to some of my beloved family. In fact, I think time has only increased the desire to see and meet up with them again. The greatest solace is when they are present but nothing more. It increases all the hopes and passion to drive for more holy and better things. Death is purely beautiful.

Those three dear centarians are closer to the veil in their every day walk. They could easily pass through at any moment. But that is true of all of
us. Somehow though, it shows on their face and their demeanor. That brings and gives a reverence for those who glimpse that.

Life is big. Life is large. Life is grand. There is so much of goodness and beauty all around.

In my ode to Sunday School, I wonder where these three souls would be had we not had Sunday School. Having played my part, I think I value Sunday School the most of all the meetings. Perhaps I just don’t grasp the meaning of the rest. Sacrament was something you sort of feared as a missionary. Priesthood was something that never seemed to be totally taken seriously. But Sunday School has a mingling and seeking that brought it more home. I find myself preparing for Sunday School where I cannot for Sacrament. Priesthood as a rule seems to read from the book, I do that at home. But Sunday School….

I hope and pray to live older than 100. I would like to see the 300th birthday of our country and the 250th of the church. At current age levels,
much more is not realistic.


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