Paradise Lost

I think I may have named a previous blog by this name. I hope not. 

There are some new developments in the lives of Paul and Amanda I thought I would share.

We are often warned that gossip can be destructive. It certainly can. My mere association with others and their comments have come to haunt me. I don’t need to go into details as that would prove to further the gossip. My being present during a conversation and comments, which I thought were ambivalent, and even commenting caused things to be attached to my name. As it made its rounds, it found its way to a manager who then called me on the carpet. I tried to explain the situation but my presence that day cost me a great amount of trust.

The next punch came a couple days later. Here is the next rule of lesson for the day. Do not allow the lines of authority and responsibility to be
confused. With the loss of another employee I was asked to pick up the slack. That required access to their e-mail. Rather than giving me access
on my computer it was given on another computer under a manager’s username and password. This is my major mistake. That manager had to sign me in and I was operating on her system. I was awkward with it, but it came back to get me. I had access to a whole host of things. Some of it I had to come in contact with due to the nature of what I was doing. During which, I forwarded e-mails to may account for work, jokes, and other forwards. One forward from that manager’s account included some confidential material.  Well, that cost me my job.

It was the classic one-two. I did find it an honour I was being signed under the manager’s name, but I should have known I would be watched closely and highly scrutinized for what happened there. I should have been more careful in that position to what I might have been privy to. More importantly, I should have just had them move the access for the other e-mail to my computer and I could have totally been safe from this last scenario. I understand their situation, and I can see mine, and if both parties had been wiser, this whole thing could have been avoided.

Well, it has been a learning experience. I now start the job hunt again all over again. Just as I had met with HR to secure a full time position and
everything, I had quite the job search a month or so ago leaving me completely off guard.

Life goes on. I will have to be more careful, watchful, and wise in the future. The lady at the staffing agency told me she thought it was a bit of
a “throw Paul under the bus” scenario, but what is to be done now?

In other news, the Queen is here in Richmond and I am going to walk over and say hello to her. The best part, I don’t have to worry about getting out of work to attend the festivities.


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