I just added some more photos to the Virginia Living Album.  It contains photos from our adventures today to Maymont.  We went and walked about half the grounds and toured the house.  Quite an impressive little home from the Gilded Age.
The photos are in chronological order.  We enter the grounds and walk toward the house.  We passed the out buildings, the silo, the carriage house, barn, and all the other buildings.  Since it was nearing 90 degrees outside we decided we would walk the grounds before going to the house.  That way we could get air conditioning before heading back across the grounds.
You see where we ventured down some paths, all lined with flowers.  There are the Italian Gardens and then the Japanese Gardens.  There was a wedding this morning in the Italian Gardens in the covered walkway.  We walked through the Italian Gardens, followed the fancy water feature down the hill until we found the Japanese Gardens.  Below the water feature is the waterfall you see through the bamboo.  They claim it is 42 feet.
The Japanese Gardens were pretty large.  We walk around numerous little lakes and through all sorts of little additions.  The fish were huge.  Some of them were honking huge!  There were white fish, gold fish, blue fish, and not to mention everything in between.
I thought all the grounds were absolutely beautiful.  Virginians don’t know how to have nice full lawns, or incapable of it, so that was the only negative point.
We wound our way back up the hill, past the Dooley Mausoleum and to the house.  Amanda was not a happy camper by this point.  The high heat, the humidity, claimed bloating, and flip flops made the last 1000 feet a miserable sop of her.  The good news is we tested every bench there was available and found them to be solid, firm, and maintained.  The birds were kind enough to leave deposits on them for us.  Amanda didn’t think they were spaced very well since they were all at the top of the hill on the easy walkways.
The house was quite impressive.  Very ornate on the inside.  Just like you would imagine a millionaires house from the turn of the last century to look like.  We were not allowed to take photographs inside the home.  Oh well, guess you will have to go there yourself to experience it.  Or you can go to to see what few pictures they have, but they do give the history.
So there you go.  Our visit to Maymont in pictures.

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