Rolling Along

The inevitable finally came.  Amanda and I overcame one of the only sources of tension in our relationships.  Getting places early.  It also helped remove the other problem, getting places.
With Amanda in school and soon to be traveling to different areas required for school we both knew she would need the car.  So I had the option of being dropped off at work at 6:00 AM and leaving work at about 6:00 PM or of purchasing another vehicle.  As much as I enjoy overtime, I am not sure work would allow me that much and I would probably spend a considerable amount of time at work probably for free.  Or I guess reading a book or something else which would look highly suspicious doing at work.
On top of that, the one thing I almost cannot stand is being late.  Add into the equation a female and somehow 15 minutes early for me turns into 15 minutes late.  After vowing to leave her from now on, we decided this was an alternative to the times I arrive at church so flaming mad I don’t even want to be there.
We figured to rent a moving truck to move back across the country would cost about $2500-$3000.  That is just the rent, not including the fuel of the drive.  Plus we would be limited to driving pretty much straight to our destination.  We could have a moving company move all our furniture for us for another grand or so more.  The other alternative was to make an investment in a vehicle we could use to move and we could then keep our money rather than throw it at renting or paying movers.  So we set our eyes to looking for a little pickup that was under $5000.
This little pickup fell into our presence through Craig’s List.  For $3500 it was quite the steal.  He told us flat out he just wanted to sell it and that is why he dropped the price some below Kelly Blue Book.  I didn’t complain.  Took it for a spin, liked the truck and we shook hands.  Next thing I knew we met a week or two later and we shook hands and exchanged a check for a title.  Take a picture at the truck in the Virginia Living album.
I insured it Monday night, the day before we purchased it.  Today it was registered and I put the new plates on it.  We are now ready to roll.
I do have a few things I want to have checked by the local Ford dealership, but otherwise I am pleased with the newest addition to our family.

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