What it is not

I stumbled upon this quote by Theodore Burton in his book, Meaning of Repentance, pg 96.  I thought I would share it.  I have thought some about it lately and how to more perfect my life.  It is hard to nail down exactly how to do it, much of it really does seem like a God-given gift through faith.  The thoughts made me think.
“Just what is repentance?  Actually it is easier for me to tell what repentance is not than to tell you what repentance is.”

“My present assignment as a General Authority is to assist the First Presidency.  I prepare information for them to use in considering applications to readmit transgressors into the Church and to restore priesthood and/or temple blessings.  Many times a bishop will write: “I feel he has suffered enough!”  But suffering is not repentance.  Suffering comes from lack of complete repentance.  A stake president will write: “I feel he has been punished enough!”  But punishment is not repentance.  Punishment follows disobedience and precedes repentance.  A husband will write: “My wife has confessed everything!”  But confession is not repentance.  Confession is an admission of guilt that occurs as repentance begins.  A wife will write: ” My husband is filled with remorse!”  But remorse is not repentance.  Remorse and sorrow continue because a person has not yet fully repented.  But if suffering, punishment, confession, remorse, and sorrow are not repentance, what is repentance?”


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