Mom’s 2007 Christmas Letter

This credit bureaus paper is what I was given here.  I am not sure if all these phone numbers are toll free or not.  Will you see if you can check out my credit rating and make sure that no one has gotten a hold of my SSN and used it.  I owe no one.  I had everyone of my bills paid off.  You would know better than me if you can get this by the internet.  My name and everything would all be under Sandy Jonas.  Nothing is under the other name.  You might check under my married name, too.  You never know what was changed and what was not, OK.
I found this little tidbit that maybe you could check on too.  Everything that is for public knowledge is it on the internet too?  If so, then you could maybe look on the net for this.  Probably under some gov’t site.  At county courthouses at the hall of records, wills are filed.  You can pay a fee for a certified copy of death certificates which lists the cause of death.  Like I said, I would like to know what the death certificates of Dad, Mom, and the one who got herself dead with me.  I know the cause of death but I would like to know what the death certificates say.  If you come up with anything will you let me know?
As far as what is happening with me I did get lucky and Crabtree was appointed my case.  Dunlap says that most of the time the judges do not want to deal with post convictions so they go to the appellate which usually kick them back down to district for a hearing on what evidence you have to support your claims.  I am hoping that Crabtree will look over the petition and let me have a hearing first.  All I can do is keep my fingers crossed.
I got a card from Jackie the middle of Nov.  It really surprised me.  It had been over 2 1/2 years since I heard from her.  Maybe she had a straight moment and remembered she had a sister.  She said May was expecting in Jan.  I hope she raises her kid better than Jackie did her.  But then I guess it ain’t none of my business.  I probably will not here from her for another couple of years.  I guess I should feel lucky.  I laugh every time I think about what you quoted Doug saying about communicating and yet the chicken shit caint get off his ass and write me back.  I guess that is none of my business either.  I guess if they both want to go around with their heads up their butts that is their problems.  It just gripes my ass and the bull shit about blood being thicker than water is not true as far as my siblings goes.  It is just hard to write and write and never get a response.  It hurts too.  But I guess that is life and life is not always easy especially when you live in a shit hole incubator that breeds a lot of nasty filthy sick perverted sexual warped son of a bitches that I have to live with.  You would not believe how sick the human species is Paul.
Anyway, I hope you two have a good holidays.  There is no snow here.  It comes and goes.  One day you need a coat and it is bitter the next day you do not.  It can be cold but the damn wind that always blows make it bad.  Well anyway take care and I hope to hear from you.
Love you,

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