Giving the nation over?

The last blog entry I wrote dealt with those who come to this nation.  It appears all who come will be brought by the hand of the Lord, regardless of whether we want to do anything about it or not.  This entry seems to go along those lines.  There are several verses from the same chapter (2 Nephi 1) which give a scenario which doesn’t play well in American Manifest Destiny.
“Therefore, this land is consecrated unto him whom he shall bring…it shall be a land of liberty…wherefore, they shall never be brought down into captivity…unto the righteous it shall be blessed forever” (vs 7).
When I visit with people, this is what it seems they read from the scripture.  However, the same verse also contains the following verbage, “…if it so be that they shall serve him according to the commandments…never be brought down into captivity; if so, it shall be because of iniquity; for if iniquity shall abound cursed shall be the land for their sakes…”
This land will only be a land of liberty if those who have been brought here (by the hand of the Lord; or born) keep the commandments.  But if they do not, the land will be cursed.  Let us make sure we understand there is an ‘if’ clause in the contract.  Then we see an example of how this took previously in verse 9.
“Where, I, Lehi, have obtained a promise, that inasmuch as those whom the Lord God shall bring out of the land of Jerusalem shall keep his commandments, they shall prosper upon the face of this land; and they shall be kept from all other nations, that they may possess this land unto themselves.  And if it so be that they shall keep his commandments they shall be blessed upon the face of this land, and there shall be none to molest them, nor to take away the land of their inheritance; and they shall dwell safely forever.”
It is interested to read these comments concerning the family of Lehi and others who come from Jerusalem.  The promise was that they would dwell safely FOREVER!  That seems like a great space of time.  Not just a few years, the cycle of democracy, or even a millenium.  It was to be forever in safety if they kept the commandments.  What a great promise.
The feeling toward this nation, even before Joseph Smith, was that this society was different.  It was the light on a hill.  It was to be the example to the rest of the world.  I see no reason why these promises would not hold the same for us.  After all, God is no respecter of persons.  Even if it did not apply, I see no reason why we as a people could not obtain the same promise to apply to us.  Then comes the next verse, 10.
“But behold, when the time cometh that they shall dwindle in unbelief, after they have received so great blessings from the hand of the Lord-“
I will resume to verse, but these are some pretty remarkable blessings (promises) from the Lord.
“…having a knowledge of the creation of the earth, and all men, knowing the great and marvelous works of the Lord from the creation of the world; having power given to do all things by faith;”
This scripture would seem to apply many more times to us in our day than to those in their day.  Our knowledge of all men, of the creation of the earth, seems to be many times what they would have possessed.  Moreover, we seem so much more capable to do such marvelous and wonderful things in our day compared to theirs.  Indeed, even to do ALL things, and we know that anything we do it is by faith.
“…having all the commandments from the beginning, and having been brought by his infinite goodness into this precous land of promise-behold, I say, if the day shall come that they will reject the Holy One of Israel, the true Messiah, their Redeemer and their God, behold, the judgments of him that is just shall rest upon them.”
With such great blessings and promises given, of course there would be a consequence if we should reject them.  Well, what would they be.  The next verse gives us a haunting thought, which may be happening some even now.
“Yea, he will bring other nations unto them, and he will give unto them power, and he will take away from them the lands of their possessions, and he will cause them to be scattered and smitten.
He will bring other nations unto them, and give them power.  Doesn’t look like it will matter much what those current possessors will try to do to curb the tide of immigration, these other nations are going to come unto them.  We know we have other nations which are moving in whether we want them to or not.
Lastly, verse 12, the fate seems sealed for the nation which had promises to live safely forever if they would but live the commandments.  But if not, “Yea, as one generation passeth to another there shall be bloodsheds, and great visitations among them; wherefore, my sons, I would that ye would remember; yea, I would that ye would hearken unto my words.”
Not only will another nation come in and take over, there will be bloodsheds and great visitations.  I don’t know exactly what a great visitation is, it certainly doesn’t sound pleasant.  Could the Trade Towers be a great visitation?  Who knows.
Definitely something to think about.  Are we in this cycle?  Does it apply to us?  If it does, where are we in the cycle?

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