Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty…

The line from the Nat King Cole song came to mind for a title for the entry of our arrival in Oklahoma City.  (I know, that was a bad sentence.  But it is late enough I don’t care.)  If any of you out there are planning to motor west, take our way, take the highway that’s the best!  It just so happens we live about 3 blocks from the old Route 66!  I have driven portions of it nearly every stretch except in Illinois.  I hovered closely to it and drove most of it in Missouri, even some of the unused sections.  There is another reason to come visit.

We have arrived at our home in Oklahoma City.  After a two day drive, nearly all day for both days.  I am exhausted and my tailbone was threatening to leave me if I did not get up.  We drove from Paul, Idaho to Arriba, Colorado last night.  We would have gone further, but a pretty bad storm stranded us.  This morning checking out of the hotel I felt like I had found my way back to the 1960’s.

Today we drove through Kansas and half of Oklahoma.  It is very beautiful in Oklahoma.  Kansas is beautiful as well, but the trees here help break up what could become monotony.  The home is quaint.  We did a pretty thorough walk through of the home.  In the next three years we will have to go through and redo most of the rooms in the home.  The previous couple had flipped the home, but had obviously done their own work.  It isn’t bad work, it just would not have passed my own muster.  However, we won’t be doing it because the quality of workmanship is below what I would do myself, but because there will be some easy improvements to increase the resale value of the home plenty more.  An air duct extending to another room of the house adds on a number of livable square feet.  Just the fact another room is heated and air conditioned will increase the value of the home.

There are numerous cracks, and evidence of rot or bug infestations, which with proper plastering and paint will be as good as new.  There is much potential.  We cannot complain, we have our own home for under 95K.

Tomorrow we plan on going after our furniture.  Hopefully Amanda will live through the day.


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