Starting in Earnest

What little tidbits could I update you on this day?  What has been happening in life?

I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the year.  I was a few days ahead of schedule and pretty excited about that.  I have dedicated myself to answering the questions about LDS doctrine from Lee the Lowe’s Delivery Man.  I just haven’t had time to respond, plus I have been doing some research.  If you want to help, I posted the questions on an earlier post a week or so ago.

In church, oddly enough, I saw a lady walking out of the chapel about midway through the Sunday School lesson.  My first thought, “She reminds me of a Wall”.  I quickly dismissed it as I am in Oklahoma City and surely a Wall would not be here.  After Sunday School as we were walking out, I looked at this lady sitting in a pew near the back.  We looked at each other I am sure with the same degree of puzzlement.  She made the comment, “I heard you reading and thought that sounds like Paul Ross.”  I commented about seeing her facial silhouette as she was walking out and thinking she reminded me of a Wall.  Sure enough, it was Luann Wall who I graduated high school with.  Who would ever have thought.  Right before we left to drive out here we were visiting friends.  One of the friends said he was going to see Rick and Kathy Wall and I asked him to tell them hello for me.  Since Luann has a twin sister, I sheepishly asked which one she was.  Erika, her sister, had been in my stake at Utah State.  Since I was in a Stake Calling then, I would see her regularly in the halls of when I attended that ward.  Luann told me who she was and then I went to call her Leann later.  I am such an idiot.  Anyhow, exciting days.  I have a girl from high school, whose ward I attended in Acequia, and who I had a definite interest in for a good while in about junior high.  Her husband is in the Air Force and is based here.  We have agreed to do dinner when her husband is back in town.  Oddly, the thing that bothers me is this; after serving in England and living all over the country, she recognized my voice.  I doubt it was my accent as it is has been mutilated by cultures.  What was it that was so distinctive that Luann Wall thought across the chapel, “That sounds like Paul Ross?”

Law school is providing some interesting a quick insight into myself.  I can be diligent in studying.  I always knew that.  I still have the old struggle of getting the ball rolling.  I am easily distracted.  Once I get down and dirty, I roll in it for hours at a time.  But somehow, maybe it is the age and bad knee, I just struggle getting down into the mire.  Perhaps it is too long away, but I always had this problem before.  Now is the chance to conquer it.  After all, I am making the decision to pass the bar now.  Every decision of every day is determining that passing rate a little more.

This evening we had a foundation man and a plumber here to crawl with me in our dank crawlspace.  One finds a quick brotherhood in dark spider infested places.  We got our lowest bid yet for the work on the foundation.  All cracks fixed with mortar, more joists to support a sagging bathroom and utility room, and some quality piers.  All for roughly $1900.  The plumber told us a rough estimate for the materials alone would be about $1000.  We have to pull most of the plumbing out for the foundation men since the joist in need of reinforcement is in the plumbing heart of the home.  I am pretty excited to get all the work done.  He said we could pay him as we have the money for the labor.  For which I am glad to hear.  We can pay for the materials up front and then probably pay him the rest within a week or two.  We have one more plumber to come and give us a bid.  He was supposed to come tonight but did not show.  Guess he wasn’t all that interested in the job.

In other conversation with the foundation and plumber men.  Mr. Foundation emphasized getting gutters on the house and getting water away from the home.  That is certainly on the plans.  He emphasized sooner than later.  He will just have to wait until we can afford it.  I have no idea how much new gutters and drip caps will be (which I found climbing on the house to actually be missing in some places!).  What is worse, I have a few eaves that the wood is rotten and it will need to be replaced to even put on a gutter!  Ugh.  One thing after another.  The plumber was kind enough to point out that it was as hot and steamy as a sauna under the house.  That happens to be from the fact Amanda was doing laundry and our dryer vent goes below the house.  Not out, under.  He attributed the dryer vent to the destroyed floor joist right next to the vent.  Since I told him I wanted a spigot the back of the house, when he makes the hole in the foundation to just put in the vent and duct as well.  Two stones killed with one bird there!  The plumber said he could solve my freezing pipe problem as well.  Oh, he even will install the new bathroom tub, to boot!  We will have a new house here.  Now we just have to get an electrician in here to take a look at things too.  I have found more wires laying on the ground under the house, none of which I dare play with too much.  Some of them have connections held together by electrical tape.  We will be poor when we are done, but hey our house will supposedly be worth more!


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