Livin it up in the Hotel Oklahoma

I don’t know why I thought of the line for the subject.  I was quietly singing Hotel California to myself and it just came out that way.  Who knows who will stumble our way because of it.  I am simply amazed at who finds my blog from searches on the internet.  The one time use of a word seems to draw people.  My blog has absolutely no interest to them, so I would think.  It was a fluke the searching of a word brought up my blog.  Even more than I ever used the word.  My vocabulary is not typically not used.

I felt I should offer and update but really don’t have any particular reason.  Therefore, just a few random thoughts before I close.

Today is Garrett Lee Smith’s birthday.  I have to admit, I really miss him.  He was a good lad.  I believe he would have been 27.  He died 5 years ago yesterday.  What a sad and tragic waste.  Then again, we see through a glass darkly, do we really understand?  I dropped an e-mail to his good parents to send my love and best wishes.  Sharon seemed very glad to read my feelings.  She appeared to be needing a boost.

Somehow I find myself attending Bible Study on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Baptists on Monday, Methodists on Wednesday, and Saints on Friday.  Honestly, the free lunch accompanying the study was the initial draw.  I am a lover of the scriptures so I enjoy the lessons.  I wonder about the wisdom in taking that much time.  Then again, I hope for the spiritual blessings, mental dexterity I will surely need in neglecting other study, and some physical sustenance I receive while there.  Friday’s will no longer have food since the local CES can’t seem to figure out what they are doing.  Then again, I am not really there for the food.  It really is just an excuse.

As the weeks continue, when we are found out to be LDS, how will the mood change?  I have been in instances with Baptists where it is quickly manifest we are not welcome in their gatherings.  We are ‘sheep stealers’ and ‘children of the devil’ as I have previously experienced.  The Methodists really don’t seem as passionate about their doctrine or their religion.  That is obvious at their Bible Study compared with the Baptists.  I am definitely generalizing, but we will see how things pan out in Oklahoma City as we continue.  Hopefully time will permit our attendance.  One thing is for sure, you can sure tell many of these kids don’t have very much experience with the scriptures.  Then again, we can’t always say more generally for our religion than these others.

In a similar vein, I am amazed at how quickly the brotherhood is felt amongst some of us bought together solely by our religion.  There is about 5 of us who study together regularly, we discuss a myriad of topics, and share our experiences.  In some cases we tell jokes, some fluff a little air none of us appreciates, and share thoughts about professors probably best not revealed.  This extension to a lesser degree opens to a variety of others in other years of the law school and in other parts of OCU.  All due to religion.  This is what the true community of Christ is like (was that a plug for RLDS?).  The association and connections are in place because of our membership in the church.  That gives us the basis for all else.  We instantly have those connections.  To me it is a miracle.  Another evidence of the hand of God in his great and marvelous work.

The best joke I heard this week, “You know I took my viagra the other night and the pill got stuck in my throat.  I had a stiff neck for a week!”

Law school is a great experience.  I am really enjoying OCU Law.  The cases, the intricacies of the cases, and the interplay of rules.  It is like a giant game or mind puzzle.  While I don’t like having a set schedule where I cover large amounts of material, it is a welcome nuisance (knowing the definition of nuisance, is it really??).  The material is interesting and challenging.  I feel really badly for some who are stressed out and don’t appear to be enjoying much of anything.  Then again, they get the joy of self-medicating at the local bar with a group of others on Thursday nights.  Talking with some, that seems the best part of law school.

Well, time to sign out.  Keep the penny, my thoughts are free.  Not that what was offered tonight would be worth a penny anyway.


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