Dad Retired!

I thought I would try out this new e-mail address for updating our joint blog.  Amanda is somewhat offended that our joint blog has not had an entry from me.  She was contemplating removing the “Paul and” part from the blog.  I guess I will start updating both of them from here on out.

While I am wasting a perfectly good couple of minutes during study time, I thought I would write a little bit.

The big news I received today is my Dad retired yesterday!!  Typical AgExpress in being shortsighted brought up another issue that was the last straw.  He replied to the e-mail and stated he was leaving the keys, the cell phone, and was taking the rest of his life off from work.  I am interested to see what AgExpress thought.  We probably won’t really know.  My own experience with AgExpress and the ‘sacred cows’ as we referred to the condescending, disagreeable secretaries is consistent.  Dad in working at the temple just couldn’t maintain having such a disagreeable work environment.  Good for him!

Back to studying.  We are working on bilateral and unilateral contracts.  Which is odd since this doctrine isn’t really used anymore.  They feel we need to know the history of our present condition, which makes sense.


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