Today was the day I wish was every day!  Our neighbors trust had an estate auction.  Several of the guys from law school brought their wives and we made a day of it!  We came out with a boatload of goodies.  All for the price of about $200, a heavy-duty display desk, very antique camel-back trunk, 6 foot oval mirror, 10 foot fiberglass ladder, levels, saws, 10 extendable aluminum ladder, railroad typewriter desk, tool box, drills, crow bars, wrenches, a small bookshelf, and several box loads of junk.  In the lots we purchased, we came out with lanterns, books, serving trays, bread maker, rotisserie, lamps, harmonicas, pipes, gold plated tableware, and plenty more.  After what we got, we still have about 6 boxes to take to the thrift store!

We had lunch here at the house with our buddies.  A couple brought their wives and children.  One couple even purchased a sofa, washer, dryer, hutch, lamps, and more!  Another couple walked away with a sewing machine and its table for $2.50!!  I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Anyhow, on an interesting note, our neighbor across the street put a old recliner out on the curb.  I mean like a 70’s recliner where the fuzz on the recliner upholstery was worn off.  What is more, it has been sitting out there for a week.  I saw this old man pull up in a little Ford Ranger looking at it.  He looked like he was very interested in it.  I walked over to help him since it appeared he wanted it and was struggling with it.  It was light enough I could pick it up to put it in the back of his truck.  He mentioned that he was a Katrina survivor.  He said the old folks home he lived in down in New Orleans was completely destroyed.  He came up during the storm to stay with family.  Well, they are kicking him out this month after living with them for 3 years.  He said he was getting an apartment and didn’t really have enough left over to furnish it.  Hence why he was looking for reject furniture.  I told him I had a whole bunch of stuff I was going to take to the thrift store he was welcome to.  He came over and picked out salt and pepper shakers, cooking utensils, frying pans, and more for his new home.  I was glad I could help out!  I told him I had a desk he was welcome to if he wanted it.  I showed him the new desk I picked up today and he said he was interested.  Since his truck was full he wanted to know if he could pick it up tomorrow.  He asked what I wanted for it.  I threw out a number that was twice what I paid for it (I paid $15).  He seemed interested and said if he decided on it he would come back tomorrow.  I feel bad for getting twice what it is worth if he does come back.  I think I will just offer it to him for what I got it.  There is a good deed for the day.  I gave a poor old man something more.  Tomorrow I hope I can help furnish his apartment a little more.  Perhaps I will just give it to him.  I don’t think he would agree to that though.  We will see.

Time to close out.  Church comes bright and early (8:30!!).


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