May Gone

Here we are wrapping up the month of May and so much has happened.  On the other side, so little is happening and I am okay with that!

Finals are completed.  There isn’t really anything more to say about that.  Now we wait for grades, they are still a few more weeks out.  I feel like I did very well in Legal Writing and Property.  Contacts I felt good about.  Criminal Law I don’t feel all that great about and Civil Procedure was 105 multiple choice and while I feel okay, you just never really know.  Well, I guess I will know soon enough.  Multiple choice seem so contrived and never fully envelope the whole picture.  Sadly, Prof. Creel’s wife was in the hospital during the final so we did not get to see him.  I hope she has recovered.

I found a summer clerkship with Absolute Legal Services here in Oklahoma City.  Jeff actually graduated in 2008.  My Elder’s Quorum President introduced us, gave me a great recommendation, and here we are.  In fact, Jeff told me that with President Haddock’s recommendation, he was willing to have me before he even met me.  I am very fortunate to have friends who are so good.  Hopefully neither stretched the truth too far!

So far it has been very interesting.  Who would have thought!  Duces Tecum’s, going to Pottawatamie Court for a docket disposition, meeting with potential clients, and even some good learning time with other attorney’s in the office.  I have my own little desk in the corner.  It is all good.  Perhaps some day I will feel like I have a grasp on everything that is happening.

I received my Constitutional Law Textbook for next year in the mail.  Ouch!  1400 pages of what looks to be some very, very heavy reading.  I guess it is better than a 1400 page product manual, oh wait, that is pretty much what it is.  The product manual for the Constitution except it includes some history of why the product was written, how to properly use it, or how to properly ignore it.

Amanda and I purchased tickets to spend June 27 – July 5 in Utah/Idaho.  Derek, Amanda’s brother has an opportunity to speak for the mission in church on the 28th.  He reports to the MTC on the 1st.  Dad’s birthday is on the 4th.  So we will spend the first half of the week in Utah and then the last half of the week it looks like I will be headed to Idaho.  I am looking forward to the trip.  I am also flying out for the Andra Reunion the weekend of the 12th of June.  I hope there is a good turn out.  I need to schedule the tickets for the Jonas Reunion the weekend of the 18th of July.  I have a cousin who has cancer and will not live to see another reunion.  Plus Ellis and Geri are not doing wonderfully, and I would like to see them again just in case.  Plus there are some of the old timers like Mary Jonas who approaches 90 but never appears to be close to stopping.  Things can change quickly at that age.

I pulled out my replica BOM and am hoping to finish it this summer.  Additionally, I would like to finish the biography of Madison and autobiography of Jefferson before starting school in the fall.  I probably should read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers before school starts to have a good feel for the Constitution before fall starts.  I am looking forward to fall.  Hopefully my memory of undergrad is good!

Last night we found a cricket in the back yard almost 3 inches long!  I don’t know if it was really a cricket, sure looked like one.  I think I may have screamed like a little girl if it had jumped and landed on me.  Amanda was about to do so just at the sight of it.  I have taken a nightly stroll around the property at night (sounds like we live on an estate, well, legally we do!) and squash as many large bugs as possible.  My neighbor assures me that the large bugs we think are cockroaches are simply waterbugs.  They sure look a lot alike but ‘waterbugs’ are much, much larger he assures me.  Either way, any large bugs meet a timely death at the end of my 2X4 each night.  Hopefully this will keep down some of the population and they will not find their way into my home through some hole we have yet to discover.

We are still awaiting news that our burglars have been captured.  Legally, it seems they should be robbers, but I guess I misunderstand the legal meanings of the words, or Oklahoma likes to be different.

Well, I have missionary coordination within an hour so I better go and get ready.  It is so nice to get caught up on a few things and have some time to just relax and sleep in once and a while!


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