Shaving Expedition

I thought I would share one of my latest experiments in my life.  My Mach 3 razors are so expensive so I have been looking for a good alternative for several months now.  I tried the cheapy razors from CVS that are 3 bladed, but they are poorly designed.  They just don’t rinse out well and seemed to go dull very quickly.  My Mach 3 razors will last me about 2 weeks per each refill.  There must be an alternative out there that is just as good but will cost only a fraction of the cost.  Well, I am happy to report that I think I found it.

It is true, sometimes you just cannot improve upon the past.  Not long after we moved into our home, the neighbors both passed away.  We purchased a few things at the auction of their estate.  We purchased a couple of lots and included was this old antique razor.  It came with a lot, I did not have the heart to throw it away and it sat on a shelf for almost two years.  One day I read an internet posting about how the old single blade razors give the closest shave and were very inexpensive.  The only draw back is you have to be careful as you can cut yourself easily.  I looked up these razors that were mentioned and recognized I had one in my own home!  The one I am using is a Gillette Gold from about 1938-1939.


I went and found it sitting on the shelf.  I found a packet of 10 Merkur blades online for $6.00!  These are double-sided blades, which means I get twice as much per each blade.

If one side of a blade only lasts me a week, I get the other side for the other week.  Hence I get my two-week shave for roughly 60 cents.  Much less expensive than the $2.26 for each Mach 3 razor refill.  Neither of these include shipping and handling, if I purchased both on the internet.  But the Merkur are cheaper for shipping as well.

So far, I am on the right time table.  About one week per side of the Merkur blades.  I do have to be a bit more careful, I put a nice gash in my ear this past Sunday because I was in a hurry.  It was the side of the blade sticking out the end, not the shaving side.  The other bonus to the whole situation though, the Merkur blades are made in Solingen, Germany.  Which is an ancestral town for my Jonas, Breuer, and Behsenich lines. 


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