Trifle Joy

Here is a picture of one of life’s little joys: food.  Not only food, but a dessert.  The happy tummy joy of trifle.  Actually, I think this trifle provides a bit of eye candy too.

With 6 of our family in town for the past week and the Christmas gift of a trifle dish, I could not resist making this happy treat.  Of course, the family all encouraged and helped me too.

While I lived in England for a couple of years I picked up a few recipes of British food that still remain with me.  The trifle is one of those that I have had to perfect with US measurements and ingredients.  I do cheat and use Bird’s Custard Powder because I have yet to perfect a custard worthy of a trifle.

It is not a perfect trifle, you can see the blemishes in the hastily made piece of art.  We whipped this thing out in about 2 days and unfortunately it shows.  We consumed it in less than an hour!

The bottom red layer is the classic sponge cake contained within cherry sugar-free gelatin.  I cheated and purchased the Angel food cake already cooked, so this is just cubed and smashed into the bottom layer.  I have found we are all happier after dessert if I use the sugar-free gelatin.  The whipped cream on top and the custard has about 6 tablespoons of sugar in this entire bowl.  Most of the sweetness actually comes from the fruit.

The next layer is the custard with mandarin oranges encapsulated.  You can see one on top of the custard above the yellow blemish in the custard lower custard layer on the right.

The next layer is orange sugar-free gelatin containing peaches topped with bananas.  All the fruit in this dish has come from a can, except the strawberries which were frozen and the fresh bananas.

The next layer is another custard with the strawberries on top.  Unfortunately family pressed the strawberries down into the custard so it is not as clean as I would have liked, but in the end, it is all about the taste anyhow.  The strawberries were halved while frozen but defrosted on top of the setting custard overnight.  That way I could avoid the little water pockets around them in the jello.

The next layer is of strawberry sugar-free gelatin poured over the strawberries.

The last layer is heavy whipped cream.  Like I mentioned earlier, each custard layer has two tablespoons of sugar.  I honestly think we could get away without sugar in those layers but I have not been so bold as to try.  The same speaks for the cream on top, it could probably go without sugar.  I may have to venture there on the next one.

The cream is formed with shaved mint chocolate on top.  The chocolate did not shave properly and more or less clumped together through the shaving so you see it in its pathetic form.

The trifle still tasted beautiful in all its wonder.  All 8 of us ate it mostly after a healthy dinner of potato soup, curry and rice, and na’an bread and rolls.  Talk about a mix of poor foods and then throw in the snobbish trifle.  Some day we will have to do a post about the curry and rice with na’an bread, another throwback from my years on British soil.

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