Home Coming

This is a poem by Lilly M. Sharp.

Sharp Family Reunion in 1931. Lilly M. Sharp is in the back seated row, third from the left.

“Home Coming”

I’m feeling quite elated

With the prospect in view;

For a real good time for everyone,

That will come and join our crew.

There’ll be lots of nice singing

and recitation with a vim,

It will be a joyful day,

For those that will join in.

There’s always plenty cooked

For the crowd that always comes

And every one enjoys it,

From Grandma to the sons.

There you meet old friends

That you haven’t seen for years;

There’ll be joy and laughter,

Mingled with your tears.

How we enjoy old comrads,

Coming many miles to see;

Their chums they loved in childhood

That means all you and me.

We know not how long,

The privilege we will have;

To meet our dear old Playmates,

Or shake hands with dear old Dad.

But we must make the best of it

And try to do whats right;

Have a smile for every-one

Try and make their troubles light.

This big time I’ve been speaking of

I’d like you all to know;

Is on the 17th of March

And I hope that you’ll all go.

Now that all must know

That its taken lots of work;

To get this big time up

And there has been no shirk.

I think the least that we can do

Is to give to all three cheers;

That has helped to make it a success

For so many many years.

This is another poem, unnamed, written by Lilly.

Oh be not the first to discover,

A blog on the fame of a friend

A flaw in the case of another;

Whose heart may prove true to the end

A smile or a sigh may awaken,

Suspicion most false and undue,

And thus our belief may be shaken

In hearts that are honest and true.

How often the bright smile of gladness

Is worn by the friends that we meet,

To cover a heart full of sadness,

To proud to acknowledge defeat,

How often the sign of dejection

Is heaved from the hypocrites breast;

To parody truth and affection,

A lull a suspicion to rest.


We none of us know one another

And oft into error my fall;

So let us speak well of our brother,

Or speak not about him at all.


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