Milo Riley and Mary Ann Sharp

After many years, I finally obtained a better photo of my Great, Great Grandparents.  I only had a photocopy of their photographs and longed for something much clearer.  Since I had the photocopy, I knew the original photos had to be out there somewhere.  Finally, alas, a cousin has made these two photos available to me.  Having said that, the photo of Milo Riley is only a portion of the photocopy I have, at least it is the head shot!  I have also updated the original post (with the lesser quality full photo of Milo) regarding Milo and Mary Ann.

Milo Riley Sharp

Milo Riley Sharp

Mary Ann Stoker Sharp

Mary Ann Stoker Sharp


5 thoughts on “Milo Riley and Mary Ann Sharp

  1. Did you remove this post? I can’t seem to find it. I found your website a year ago, I enjoy reading your posts and stories especially about the Sharp Family. There is a picture of my Grandpa, Albert Sharp’s baseball team, thanks for sharing. Thanks Cindy Sharp Hays



  2. I have a letter written by P.T. Milo R. Sharp, addressed to his father Edward Sharp, Ogden Utah. It was written by Milo R Sharp during WWII while he is in the USA Army. Very tender loving letter to his father. Letting his father know he was ok somewhere in the Philippines. The letter is stamped with ARMY EXAMINER stamp. This would be very valuable to a descendent. If you know a descendent please let me know so they can have this wonderful letter.


    • I would love to see the letter. My grandfather Edward Sharp, Milo is my father, Dean Sharp’s brother, my mother has the address on several of Milo Sharp’s daughters.


      • So happy for your msg. I have been corresponding with Mr Paul Ross. I was going to hand the letter over to him personally last month but had to fly to WA state because of a death in the family. He did drive to UT but I had left and could not meet him. So he sent me his mailing address and said I could mail it to him and he would see that it got to his family. You will love it. I just know you will treasure it. I hope you know Mr Paul Ross. I will be back home in Ogden UT on 3 Dec. I will be most happy to mail it 4 Dec. Email me anytime. If you have more to tell me before I mail it please send me a msg. Contact with you has made me very happy! Sincerely Cathy


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