Another couple of photos I found with some names on it.  They are not related to me in any way that I can tell.

Dewey & Josephine Nipper with their son, 4 July 1943

Dewey & Josephine Nipper with their son, 4 July 1943

Introducing Sterling Dewey Nipper and his wife Josephine Gurwell Nipper.  He was born 12 March 1910 in Benton, Polk, Tennessee and died 1 April 1982 in Buhl, Twin Falls, Idaho.  He is buried in Filer, Twin Falls, Idaho.  She was born 7 January 1926 in Martinsburg, Audrain, Missouri and died 24 May 2004 in Buhl.  She is also buried in Filer.  Since this photo was in the collection of a family from Buhl, I assume I have the right Dewey and Josephine Nipper.  The photo did not have the Gurwell name on it.  I have no idea who the boy is, as far as I can tell the Nipper children are all still alive, however many there were.

Interesting my father was born the same day this photo was taken and Grandpa was preparing for war in Hawaii.

I don’t know that these children are related, but the photos have Nipper names on them.  Therefore, I assume there is some relationship.

Ivan & Ivell Nipper

Ivan & Ivell Nipper

This following photo reads, “Jess Nipper’s children”.  I don’t know if that is Josephine’s nickname or if Jess is short for Jesse or something else.

"Jess Nipper's children"

“Jess Nipper’s children”

However, this photo reads, “Jess Nipper’s Kids, he was married to Grandma Williams’ sister Pearl” and from that I conclude Jess is someone else.  There is a Jesse Franklin Nipper, born 10 October 1887 in Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee and died 8 January 1967 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho.  He is the uncle to Sterling Dewey Nipper.  He married Pearl Lulu Ownbey, born 20 November 1887 in Custer County, Idaho and died 9 March 1930 in Buhl.

Jess Nipper's kids

Jess Nipper’s kids

With the information on that photo, I found a sister to Pearl Lulu Ownbey named Ethel Gertrude Ownbey born 15 August 1886 in Green Forest, Carroll, Arkansas, and died 1 May 1967.  She was married to Solomon Walker Williams born 27 October 1879 in Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee, and died 22 April 1958.  Therefore, all the names and references seem to add up so I am confident I have the right people.  Unfortunately, none of the children are named and the records I am looking at do not show any deceased children.  They could all very well still be alive out there in the world somewhere.



5 thoughts on “Nipper

  1. I see you have some pictures of my Cousin Dewey Nipper, and pictures of my brothers and sisters. Labeled Jess Nippers kids. Jess was my father, I was his last child born when he was 63, To his second wife Lena Fern WInegar Jordan Nipper. All of the children from his first marriage have passed. All 5 of his children from his second marriage are still alive.

    Not sure how you are related to us. I live in Boise. Do have some genealogy info and family pictures of the William side of your family.


  2. To correct a couple of errors. Jesse Nipper was an Uncle to Sterling Dewey Nipper not a cousin. Dewey died April 1, 1982.

    His Father Arthur Nipper

    I do have some pictures taken at the I think 50 th wedding anniversary of Solomon WIlliams and his wife. Taken with my father Jesse Franklin Nipper.


  3. This last picture that you posted has me thinking. The boy would either be George Nipper who chocked to death at 16 months old. Or the pair could be the Twins IVAN, and Ivelle. I am just not sure. I do have two additional pictures taken at this same house. I found those in a well worn bible that my Father had won at school. I will forward to my niece and see what she thinks. Thanks for finding them.
    I am the youngest of the Nipper children, dad was 63 when I was born. But his grandfather out did him, having a child when he was 81 years old.

    Stephen NIpper


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