John Reese’s 10th Grade Class

Top (l-r): John Reese, Ray Charlton, Earl Hipwell, Miriam Weatherston, Delmar White, Owen Wayment, Neta England.  Second: Orlo Maw, Warren Williams, Jean Etherington, Junior Taylor, Eugene Maw, Cleone Carver, Howard Hunt.  Third: Ellis Lund, Vera Wayment, Keith Hodson, Ted Christensen, Ruth Wade, Wayne Taylor, Milo Ross.  Bottom: LauRene Thompson, Frank Poulsen, Margaret Freestone, Ezma Musgrave.

This is the fourth of the class photos.  I believe this is actually the 1936-1937 year (Grandpa says in his writing it his his 10th Grade year).  This class attended Weber High School located in Ogden, Weber, Utah.  These students graduated in 1939.  Nearly all these students came from Warren, Plain City, West Weber, and those parts of the county for school.  Out of the whole picture, only one passed away in World War II (as far as I can tell, ALL the men served).

Cleone Carver (1921-1994)

Ray Charlton (1920-1991)

Edwin “Ted” Daniel Christensen (1921-2005)

Neta Elizabeth England (1920-2006)

Vesey Jean Etherington (1921-2000)

Margaret Freestone (1921-2017)

John Earl Hipwell (1921-2000)

Benjamin Keith Hodson (1920-1970)

Howard Hunt (1921-1944)

Ellis Marion Lund (1921-1984)

Orlo Steadwell Maw (1921-2004)

Wilmer Eugene Maw (1920-2009)

Ezma Ameriam Musgrave (1922-2007)

Frank Dee Poulson (1920-2010)

John Major Reese (1896-1976)

Milo James Ross (1921-2014)

Junior Elmer Taylor (1921-1985)

Wayne Gibson Taylor (1921-1969)

LauRene Thompson (1921-2010)

Ruth Wade (1922-2012)

Owen Urry Wayment (1921-2008)

Vera Mary Wayment (1921-1989)

Miriam Weatherston (1921-2001)

Heber Delmar White (1921-2008)

William Warren Williams (1921-1988)

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