Austin Sharp Daughters

Opal, Nelda, Hazel, and Carma Sharp

Opal, Nelda, Vera, and Carma Sharp

Here is a picture recently mailed to me with four of the children of Austin Sharp.

Austin Sharp married Martha Hazel Howard (1886-1965) on 22 February 1907 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.

In the photo are:

Opal Adeline Sharp (1909-1995), married Carl Rudolph Stolberg (1901-1968),

Nelda Sharp (1914-1985), married Charles Edward Miller (1901-1984),

Vera Hazel Sharp (1907-1997), married Raymond Alvin Seifert (1909-1993),

and Carma Lillian Sharp (1912-1981), married Milton Edward Mercer (1913-1998).

3 thoughts on “Austin Sharp Daughters

  1. Thank you for posting about this family. A few months ago I found two more daughters Dawn who married Mr Olsen. and a can’t remember the other one I added them to LDS family search but I can’t found out much more about them. I can give you more details later, my internet has been going out on me. Thanks Cindy Hays


  2. Do you have any more info on this family? I found the 1930 and 1940 census has two more Daughters Dawn Sharp(1925) and Virginia Sharp(1921). I have not found too much more info besides this.


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