Camas County High School

Camas County High School, 27 March 2013.

I snapped this picture in 2013.  This was the second time I ever visited Fairfield, Camas, Idaho that I recall.  I drove around town and found a forgotten town in a forgotten part of Idaho.  The town was hauntingly charming and reminiscent of another time.  That made me want to spend more time there.  I might have even been tempted to consider moving there, but I knew I would be alone in such a venture.  I have not been through Fairfield since.  Even though Fairfield is the County Seat, I have not yet visited the County Court as an attorney, which I posted a picture of before.

This picture of the high school is deceptive.  I believe the school is K-12, and is a bit bigger than this picture might lead you to believe.  This appears to me as the oldest part of the building with all the more recent additions and annexes behind this view.  The school still fits within the city block though, so it is not huge.


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