Park Elementary, Richmond, Utah

(l-r): Reed Webb, Kim Christensen, Jeff Theurer, Zan Christensen, Sandra Jonas, Beth Ann Miller, and Barbara Housley

Here is another photo shared with me a few years ago.  I believe this photo is another from from Park Elementary School in Richmond, Cache, Utah.  Not sure of the class subject.  Radios?  Soldiering?  Electrics?  It is interesting whatever it is.  The pictures, chalkboard, and school are all familiar to me, even though this was 30 years before I was in school.  Has it changed much to today?

I understand this is Oral Ballam’s classroom on the upper southwest corner of Park Elementary.  The alphabet, maps, turkey are all indicators and reminders of his classroom.

Kim Christensen ( – living)

Zan Leonard Christensen (1954 – 1996)

Barbara Housley married Sharp ( – living)

Sandra Jonas (1954 – living)

Beth Ann Miller (1954 – 1974)

Jeffery Theurer ( – living)

Reed Leon Webb (1954 – 1992)

One thought on “Park Elementary, Richmond, Utah

  1. I do not believe that photo was taken at North Cache Junior High. It is Principal and 6th grade teacher Oral Ballam’s classroom on the upper southwest corner of the old Park School Elementary in Richmond. The reason I know this is the alphabet and maps mounted behind the students. I also recall the turkey being in his classroom. If it had been junior high the alphabet would not be there and there would be other students included in photo beside Richmond students.


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