Southeast from Burley National Bank

Southeast from Overland and Main in Burley

Let me tell you this time I purchased a postcard online and it turned out to be a poorly scanned copy.  I purchased what I thought was an original card, but when it arrived in the mail it was obviously a poorly scanned copy that was printed as if it were an original.  I was duped.

If you can look past a pixelated image, than there is some value in this poor photo.

This photo was taken from the roof of the National Bank Building in Burley, Idaho.  That building was located on the northwest corner of Overland Avenue and Main Street, where the Zions National Bank Building is located now.

This image is taken facing southeast.  You can see the water tower in the photo, which is still there.  An image of the city not likely to go anywhere anytime soon.  Even though it is no longer used to store water, it is used for many other purposes, mostly related to transmitting various signals.

You can clearly see Burley High School, built in 1915.  This school later became the Burley Junior High which burned down 29 October 1973.  As such, we know this photo is after 1915.

I cannot tell if the building on the southwest side of Overland and Main is a different building than seen later, or if a new façade was put on it.  Here is a picture of the building this photo was taken from and the one on the southwest side.  Idaho Bank & Trust I venture was a new building, not simply a new façade.  The windows don’t line up and the façade would have taken a bit of work to cover with the straight lines in this photo below.

On Main Street at Overland Avenue in Burley, Idaho about

I apologize the photo is poor quality.  I could not get my money back, but I only spent like $2, so I cannot complain too much.  But at least you can gather some of the landscape of Burley in the late teens early 1920s.

Interesting how they park in the middle of the street?



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