Happy Independence Day 2018

Jan & Milo Ross, Lillie, James, Aliza, Amanda, and Hiram Ross at Rupert Parade 2018

I thought I would share this photo from the Rupert, Idaho 4th of July Parade celebrating 242 Years of Independence in the United States of America (technically 227 As the United States of America).  Camped out at a regular spot in front of Minidoka Memorial.


3 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day 2018

  1. Hey, Paul, Just thought I’d share with you that this last week, Terry and I, plus two other couples, went to the Cedar City Temple to do an endowment session. Terry and I stopped at Cove Fort on the way back home, too. Just thought you’d get a kick out of my tracing your recent footsteps. I’d post pics, but am swamped today and will be for three days, as i’m watching two of my grandsons while their mother, our daughter, goes to pre-back-to-school training (which makes her soooooo happy.) I’ll get back with you soon.


  2. Hey, Paul, Am trying to put together a small history of both sides of my family to give as gifts to my kids this coming Christmas. Finding myself swamped as I have hit the undertow of your wonderful posts. I have printed off a few things — but my computer/printer seem to have conspired against me and I am unable to print a particular picture of the Gwenllian Jordan and David D. Williams photo of them together. Any hints for this neophite? Bev


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