Sitting on the Steps

Sandra and Doug Jonas sitting on the steps of their home at 142 N State St, Richmond, Utah

Aunt Jackie stumbled on a stash of photos.  There are hundreds of photos.  I am scanning a few at a time and then process them over a few days, usually a weekend.  I upload them to FamilySearch and save them to my own archives.  Some of them take a while to name all the parties in the pictures.  Naming photos is getting harder as time goes on because those earlier generations are leaving mortality.  Having said that, I easily recognize Doug and my mother, Sandy, in this photo.

This photo captures my heart.  It captures the youth of a little baby girl excited about life and is at comfort with and loves the photographer.  There is innocence in this picture.  Doug is fuzzier, likely moving in the photo.  But the sideways glance also seems to speak in and of itself.  But even more, I also see my mother in my own children.  I could see this smiling face in all four of my children at one point in their young lives.  I see it in James now.  This photo isn’t just my mother, it is my children.

As much as I hate taking pictures, it is this sort of picture that somehow captures something more than just the physical.  There is emotion captured here.  It is beautiful.  I am glad this photo still exists.  This photo also tugs at the heart-strings for this little boy for his mother who is so emotionally distant it is as if she no longer exists.  It is poignant and causes yearning.

We all have those relationships that touch us deep down.  I would think every child feels it for a parent, a parent for a child.  I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do.


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