Idaho Capitol 2019

Idaho Capitol from North 25 October 2019

I walked from the place I stayed near the Federal Courthouse early on the morning of 25 October 2019 to some meetings in the heart of Boise, Idaho.  I contemplated how my life drastically changed 21 years before on that very date.  As I worked south to the location of my meetings I thought how very lucky I am to be alive and that I have since walked in some placed I would never have contemplated 25 years ago!  Shortly after I came around a corner and was caught by this sight.

This is the north side of the Idaho Capitol, not quite as majestic as its south side, but still beautiful.  Sworn in as a lawyer in this building, variety of meetings over the years in this building, and still happy Idaho spent the money on such a magnificent temple to the law.  It is an honor and privilege to serve within the reaches of this symbol of Idaho’s rule of law.  I hope we can maintain it and continue to build upon it.

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