Cucamonga, California

Back: (l-r) Clifford Cattell, Sandra Pastrono (uncertain), Franklin Corsaro; Middle: Ina French, Virginia Valli, Kenneth Cattell, Unknown; Front: Glenn Hill.

The first time I stumbled upon this picture it has captured my attention for some reason.

The sunshine and the general happiness and contentment of the children?  How beautiful the children are?

The apparently well-manicured law in post-war California?  Taken at the Cattell home on Estacia Court in Cucamonga, California.

“BUEHLER TANK” is written on the building behind?  I did some research and found this link to a home I believe not far from this location: “Significant to the community, this 1913 turn of the century residence is part of a group of dwellings built on smaller city lots near the Cucamonga town center. Because of its proximity to the Cucamonga town center, merchants and business owners made these homes their temporary dwellings. In 1920, Walter A. Buehler purchased the home and lived there with his wife Lillian and their two sons and two daughters until 1944. He established Buehler Tank Works, which was a major local industry and employer of the community during World War II.”  Walther Albert Ludwig Buehler (1890-1970).

Frank Corsaro confirmed the building.  Apparently on the east of Archibald, just north of Foothill Drive.  The lot to the south, on the right, was the storage for their large concrete pipes.

Clifford and Frank would borrow the mule from the storage yard for their ‘paper drives.’  Clifford and Frank were best friends.

I am not sure of the occasion or why all the children are pointing to the head of the boy sitting in front.  Frank says it was Kenny Cattell’s birthday.

Two of them are cousins of mine.  Franklin George Corsaro on the back right and Josephine Ina Corsaro standing front left.  They were born in 1936 and 1943, both are still alive.  Their mother is the half-sister to my Grandfather Milo James Ross (1921-2014).

Also in the photo are Virginia Marie Valli (1943-?), Clifford Edward Cattell (1937-?), Robert Glenn Hill (1945-2012), and Kenneth Lee Cattell (1943-?)

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