Friedrich Theodor Andra

Theodor Andra

I had to share this photo.  I was dropped off a copy of a family history book that belonged to Golden Rulon Andra.  It is obviously his book and most of the information and documents are from his own hand.  I just scanned more than 100 photos but haven’t really gotten into the book yet.  As I was skimming the pages, this little 1″ X 1″ photo caught my attention.  I had never seen it before.  It was next to the information for Theodor Andra.  I had to scan that page for this purpose.  I have already uploaded it to FamilySearch.

Here is the photo/picture I had.  What a difference between an photo and a sketch/picture.  The picture is of a fuller Theodor, so I don’t know if that is artistic difference or if it is a different period in time.

I have written previously about Theodor and you can read it here.

Keep looking everyone.  These finds are still out there!

Friedrich Theodor Andra

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