Swiss/German Pioneer Celebration, Logan, Utah, on 24 July 1899


Swiss/German Celebration 24 July 1899

This is a fascinating photo from Kelvin Wursten shared on FamilySearch.  It contains the only photograph I know of my Great Great Great Grandfather Johann Christoph Nuffer.  He is to the right of the tree, furthest back.  If you zoom in, it is a fairly good photo of him.  I wish I had the photo that all the paintings are of, but I guess this will have to do until it turns up somewhere.

This photo was taken a Swiss/German Celebration in Logan, Utah in what was known as the 7th Ward.  This party took place at the Kloepfer home on what is called The Island.  It was also referred to Polly Wog Town due to all the frogs.  This photo was taken by Eugene Schaub, who a few years later in 1902 would have Johann Christoph Nuffer for a step-father. The meetings of this Swiss/German group apparently helped in creating that relationship.

I have previously shared the biography of Johann Christoph Nuffer as told by his granddaughter, Alma Katherine Scheibel Naef.  There are a couple of others who are known in the photo.  You will have to go to FamilySearch to get the identification on lining the right face to the exact person.  But I recount the names and dates for your information below.

Maria Anna Alker (1847-1926), who married Conrad Schaub and later married Johann Christoph Nuffer.

Anna Brunner (1854-1938)

John Alfred Burgi (1852-1937)

Palmyra Anna Burgi (1882-1946)

Louise Rosalinda Clark (1963-1938)

Elizabeth Fluhmann (1841-1915)

Bertha Gilgen (1891-1979)

Friedrich Gilgen (1854-1954)

Lena Gilgen (1893-1990)

Margaritha Gilgen (1881-1965)

Mary Ann Gilgen (1882-1933)

Olena Hoth (1874-1962)

Julia Keller (1882-1973)

Philipp Kloepfer (1863-1940)

Marianna Krahenbuhl (1855-1940)

Louisa Amanda Lehman (1859-1947)

Magdalena Mosimann (1841-1914)

Anna von Niederhaeusern (1890-1975)

Rosina von Niederhaeusern (1883-1979)

Johann Christoph Nuffer (1835-1908)

Marie Emma Schaerer (1885-1972)

Lydia Seeholzer (1883-1954)

Theodore Martin Seeholzer (1877-1950)

Johannes Weber (1840-1923)

Anna Weyermann (1895-1977)

Gottfried Weyermann (1875-1935), whose mother had been married to Johann Christoph Nuffer but died prior to this photo.

John Weyermann (1899-1944), another step-son of Johann Christoph Nuffer.

Louis Edmund Wilhelm (1879-1940)

Adolph Wursten (1881-1952)

Aldine Wursten (1883-1976)

Clara Louise Wursten (1876-1946)

Johann Alfred Wursten (1875-1944)

Katherine Wursten (1887-1983)

Lena Hoefler Wursten (1880-1956)

Peter Zemp (1837-1909)

1899-07-24 Swiss German Celebration at Kloepfers in 7th Ward on the Island

Swiss/German Celebration, 7/24/1899


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